From Farm to Table - The Evolution of Natureland Organics
From Farm to Table - The Evolution of Natureland Organics

In the heart of India, where the rich soil breathes life into crops and the farming tradition is deeply woven into the culture, Natureland Organics has sown the seeds of a remarkable journey that has brought organic living to the forefront of the nation. Founded in 2002, Natureland Organics has grown from a humble family farm to a national pioneer in the organic food market. In an exclusive conversation with IndianRetailer, Ajeet Godara, Director, Natureland Organics delves into the brand story of Natureland Organics, its inspiring journey, and the vision that continues to fuel its success.

The journey of the brand commenced with Ajeet Godara and his brother Arvind, hailing from a farmer's family, who shared a dream to elevate organic agricultural practices from their small farmland to a national stage. In 2002, these visionary brothers took the first steps towards their mission, nurturing a vision to bring affordable organic food to the masses.

Godara reflects on their origins, "Our journey is deeply rooted in our agricultural heritage, and we embarked on a remarkable journey with a shared commitment to create a legacy brand."

Transition to B2C Domain

In 2014-2015, Natureland Organics made a strategic transition from a proprietorship to a private limited company, embracing the B2C domain. The turning point came in 2016 when they launched their brand along with a compelling story that resonated with health-conscious consumers.

The director recalls, "We took a leap of faith in the B2C market, and this shift was pivotal in enriching our brand's narrative."

However, the year 2019 presented unprecedented challenges, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses were forced to lay off staff and cut salaries, Natureland Organics displayed remarkable resilience. The company not only retained its workforce but also provided growth opportunities for its ground-level employees during the crisis.

Ajeet shares, "Our unwavering belief in the potential of organic farming and our commitment to our team's well-being helped us become one of the fastest-growing organic brands."

From B2B to B2C

Natureland Organics made its commercial debut in 2007 in the B2B segment, a move that brought a fresh set of challenges. The Indian market, at that time, had limited awareness about organic food, and the company had to overcome obstacles like procurement, quality standards, and educating farmers.

Godara reflects on the journey, "Every company faces challenges, and in our case, it was about creating awareness and ensuring product quality. What kept us going was our unwavering belief in organic farming's potential."

In 2015, Natureland Organics entered the B2C market, which was a game-changer for the brand. This shift allowed them to build a direct connection with consumers, bringing them closer to the organic movement. Entering the B2C market enriched the brand's narrative, creating a strong bridge between consumers and its organic products.

Empowering Small and Mid-Farmers

Godara states, "Organic farming is the future, and India, with its rich agricultural heritage, can emerge as an international player in this market."

Natureland Organics follows a cluster-based farming approach, empowering small and mid-level farmers by fostering collaboration and resource pooling. This approach results in sustainability, higher yields, and financial stability, creating a positive impact on local economies and communities.

"Our cluster-based farming approach is a remarkable model that uplifts the lives of farmers and local communities," emphasizes the Director.

Natureland Organics' success hinges on the support of approximately 10,000 farmers actively involved in their operations. These farmers are not just suppliers but part of the extended Natureland Organics family. The company prioritizes their well-being through fair compensation, education, and advanced training.

Ensuring Quality and Consistency

Maintaining the quality and consistency of organic products in a country as diverse as India is no small feat. Natureland Organics achieves this through rigorous in-house quality control measures, third-party certifications, and regular training for ground staff and farmers. Their focus on ethical farming practices delivers consistent, high-quality food to consumers.

Godara affirms, "We believe in ensuring the best quality food for our users. Good food is good health."

As responsible entrepreneurs, Natureland Organics is committed to eco-friendly practices. They harness solar energy to power 70 percent of their energy needs, implementing a rainwater harvesting system to further their commitment to sustainability.

Vision for Growth

In the last financial year, Natureland Organics reported a revenue of Rs 132 crore. Their success can be attributed to a dedicated team, sustainable production methods, partnerships with farmers, and the loyalty of consumers. It's the collective effort and passion of these stakeholders that fuel their financial success.

With the aim of reaching Rs 200 crore in revenue this year, Natureland Organics is actively working on strategies to achieve this ambitious goal. These strategies include adding more sales channels, increasing production capacity, and expanding their product line.

Ajeet Godara reveals, "We aim to achieve higher goals that can boost the company's growth and help our farmers prosper."

The Future of Natureland Organics

Natureland Organics' products are readily available through various channels, including popular e-commerce platforms like Swiggy Instamart, Flipkart, Amazon, Blinkit, Big Basket, Cred, and Zepto. They also have a presence in modern retail outlets such as Spencer's, Lulu, and Metro Cash and Carry. Additionally, their products are accessible through general trade, with over 15,000 store locations.

Furthermore, the brand offers a wide range of grocery items, with whole wheat flour, a range of oils, and pearl barley being some of their most popular products. In line with their commitment to quality, they are expanding their product line to include millet and millet-based products, aligning with the government's initiative to promote these nutrient-rich grains.

Though its target audience comprises health-conscious individuals, Natureland Organics aims to expand its reach through various sales channels and innovative marketing strategies that resonate with a wider customer base. The company is dedicated to educating a broader audience about the long-term benefits of organic food and its health advantages.

Godara envisions, "In five years, we see our brand as a listed and limited company with an even larger consumer base, striving to provide easier access to premium organic products."

As Natureland Organics continues to grow and inspire a sustainable way of life, their journey from the family farm to the national podium stands as a testament to passion, resilience, and an unwavering belief in the potential of organic farming in India. This organic brand is not just about food; it's a story of nurturing the land, empowering farmers, and enriching the lives of consumers, all while preserving the essence of nature.

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