How Footwear Brand Cheré is Planning to Double its Reach by Year-End
How Footwear Brand Cheré is Planning to Double its Reach by Year-End

The motivation behind launching a brand like Cheré specifically for women in India, stems from a perceived gap in the market. There has been a lack of fashion-forward, premium, and accessible brands that genuinely meet the footwear needs of modern Indian women. It became apparent that this void needed to be addressed, and hence, Cheré was born.

The steady growth of the footwear market in India can be attributed to various factors, including the rise in disposable income, urbanization, shifting fashion trends, and the expanding middle-class population. These dynamics have contributed to the overall expansion of the industry, which caters to diverse consumer segments and preferences. Additionally, the advent of e-commerce platforms have played a pivotal role in facilitating market growth. Online retail channels have enhanced accessibility for consumers, enabling them to explore a wide array of footwear options, compare prices, and subsequently drive-up sales in the online sector.

“We were determined to create something extraordinary for women — a range of sustainable and stylish footwear that merged cutting-edge fashion with unwavering durability and all-day comfort. Our goal was to craft not just ordinary shoes, but handcrafted masterpieces that embodied the perfect fusion of impeccable quality and unrivaled style. We’ve noticed the adaptability of our product, especially in the online market. As an up-and-coming footwear brand hailing from India, we are ready to take the world by storm,” said Virender Kumar, Partner, Cheré.

The brand's collection boasts a range of 200+ crafted designs. From flats to heels, wedges to mules, ballerinas to pumps, its footwear lineup encompasses a diverse selection to cater to consumers’ discerning tastes.


"Our target demographic consists of fashion-forward women, who appreciate the essence of fast-paced trends. To cater to their needs, we curate a dynamic collection that draws inspiration from international design trends, all while prioritizing the use of sustainable materials," he added.

Betting Big on Online Market

The brand sells through its official website. It has also strategically partnered with renowned e-commerce platforms like Amazon and AJIO to ensure wider accessibility for its crafted footwear. As part of its ambitious expansion strategy, Cheré is actively pursuing nationwide coverage, with a strong focus on penetrating major metropolitan areas and Tier I cities.

“In line with our growth strategy, we are actively pursuing collaborations with esteemed online retailers such as Myntra, Nykaa, and Tata CLiQ. These partnerships will provide us with additional avenues to showcase our products and cater to a wider customer base,” he stated.

Offline Retail: A Next Big Thing

The brand has come up with its first offline retail store in Vapi, Gujarat at Galaxy High Street. It has also proactively formed alliances with renowned brands to expand its market reach and offer customers an even wider range of options. Through its notable partnerships with designers and boutiques, Cheré has established a prominent presence in various cities across India, including Surat, Bangalore, Raipur, and Ahmedabad. This allows it to cater to a diverse customer base and provide them with convenient access to its products.


“Our expansion strategy is geared towards adorning a million feet with Cheré footwear over the course of the next three years. This ambitious goal reflects our commitment to establishing a significant market presence and solidifying our brand's influence within the industry,” asserted Kumar.

Bringing Innovation

The brand is currently engaged in innovative endeavors aimed at alleviating the common challenge faced by women in finding the perfect pair of footwear. To simplify this process, it is developing a dynamic Size Chart that incorporates visual representations of measurements. By displaying the measurements for each size alongside a scale indication, it can provide customers with an accurate depiction of the product's dimensions.

This innovative approach allows customers to visually assess the width of the footwear based on its style, facilitating the selection of the appropriate size for both narrow and wide feet. “We believe that implementing this initiative will serve as a significant milestone for our brand, as it enhances the overall customer experience and addresses a crucial aspect of footwear purchasing. By empowering women with the tools they need to make informed decisions, we aim to revolutionize the way women shop for footwear,” he explained.

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Growth Plans

As it will approach the end of 2023, Cheré’s aspirations for growth and expansion are set high. They aim to double their reach, reaching a 2x increase compared to its current market presence.

“Looking ahead to the upcoming year, our focus will be on accelerating our growth trajectory, striving for substantial advancements on a larger scale. Through meticulous planning and execution, we intend to solidify our position as a key player in the industry, capturing new markets and captivating a wider audience,” he concluded.

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