How is Elista Paving its Way to be One of The Top Indian Electronics Brand
How is Elista Paving its Way to be One of The Top Indian Electronics Brand

Elista, a brand that offers a premium range of electronics, home appliances, IT, and mobile accessories brand was founded in 2020. The brand is a part of the TeknoDome, UAE, but adheres to India's 'Atmanirbhar' principle of manufacturing. 

The brand thus aims to abide by its vision which is to accelerate India on World’s Innovation map and Inspire lives. All this by creating ground-breaking product designs and innovation, building diverse global teams, and incredible convenience around its products and services.

Further intending to make it easier for its customers, employees, channel partners, and stakeholders and grow together as a community.

With this Elista inspires brands worldwide to manufacture in India to cater to their demand across geographies. Launched amidst the pandemic, the brand faced numerous logistical and operational challenges but was able to establish itself in the market. 

Moreover, in the first year of its operations, it introduced a range of smart TVs, followed by dishwashers, which was earlier considered a premium product segment. “We expanded the target consumer base by making it affordable and delivering a high-quality product. Since then, we have added several new products and entered categories like speakers, washing machines, IT accessories, coolers, and TWS,” said Pawan Kumar, CEO, Elista.

The brand’s primary objective was to bring innovative products that did not burn a hole in the consumer's pocket and achieved this objective with a product line that stands for cutting-edge product quality and being affordable simultaneously.  



Its parent company TeknoDome has over 2 decades of experience in distributing consumer durables in the Middle East, CIS, and African markets, which allowed Elista to enter the consumer electronics segment as a brand made for the masses based on TeknoDome’s experience and insights. 

“Our primary objective was to establish a brand known for providing high-quality, affordable premium products and the positive consumer response to these products speaks volumes about how Elista understood the consumer needs and responded with the right products,” added Kumar.

Options Galore

The Indian consumer durables industry has a high level of competition. However, Elista has been able to establish itself on the pillars of being affordable, offering high-quality products and customer care that ensure a delightful customer experience.

Elista entered the market by introducing televisions, followed by dishwashers, and then introduced a wider range of products in numerous segments. These segments include home entertainment, home appliances, IT accessories, and personal audio. Moreover, the brand aims to introduce water dispensers in the coming quarter. 

“We have exciting plans for the future. We will enter segments like printer accessories, storage, smart gadgets, deep industrial freezers, and water dispensers,” said Pawan Kumar.

Technology and Elista

With its aim to deliver highly innovative products with cutting-edge technology to create an impact, Elista has incorporated technological innovations like WebOS TV and Speakers with BassXpert. These are some of the features the brand has launched with its products and have received a positive response from the consumers.

“We are constantly working on introducing technologically superior products in the market. Our primary focus has been to manufacture products that offer cutting-edge technology and we will continue to do so in our future launches as well," said Kumar.

Retail and Marketing

Currently bootstrapped, Elista has been growing rapidly achieving a revenue of Rs 85 crore in its first year of launch which reached Rs 145 crore in FY 21-22.

The brand’s primary focus has been on establishing its offline network. Present in major cities through distributors and retail partners, the brand has a network of over 1,000 distribution partners and a retail presence in over 25,000 outlets. The brand is also available via numerous e-commerce platforms including Flipkart, Amazon, Jio Mart, and Payed.

Moreover, Elista aims to expand its online presence in near future too.

For the year 2023, however, Elista plans to focus majorly on digital platforms with its key objective being to expand its online presence while creating an impact. However, in terms of products, Elista will be pushing its smart TVs and audio products in the coming fiscal. 


Future Plans

Elista has been established with a mix of offline and online channels with a primary focus on the offline network. The brand currently unavailable through D2C aims to establish an omnichannel presence. 

International expansion being a critical pillar of Elista’s future plans, the brand aims to launch Elista in UAE in early 2023 while also having plans to enter other markets in the Middle East and CIS region in 2023. 

“We are a big believer in the Make in India story, our focus has always been to come up with the level of quality that can be accepted globally. This approach will help us in seamless global expansion as we already have a wide range of products available,” commented Pawan Kumar.

In the next 5 years, Elista aims to be one of the top 3 Indian brands in electronics and is currently working to break into the top 3 by launching technologically advanced products that satiate the customers while being reasonably placed. 

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