How ellementry is Redefining Everyday Elegance
How ellementry is Redefining Everyday Elegance

ellementry, a brand synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and everyday elegance, has captured the hearts and homes of many. The brainchild of Ayush Baid, ellementry's founder, this brand has a unique origin story that is deeply rooted in India's rich heritage of culture and craftsmanship.

"I've grown up seeing the Magnum opus of Indian culture and its crafts," stated Ayush

Ayush Baid's journey with ellementry begins with a profound appreciation for Indian craftsmanship, nurtured by his family's manufacturing and export business, which has thrived for over three decades. During his academic pursuit at University College London, where he specialized in e-commerce, Ayush analyzed his father's data and recognized the untapped potential of the domestic market for handmade home and kitchen products. This epiphany became the driving force behind the birth of ellementry, India's first brand that directly connects manufacturers with customers in the niche of home and lifestyle.

The ellementry Categories

ellementry embarked on its journey by delving into kitchenware, serve-ware, and dinnerware, driven by Ayush's keen market analysis, making these categories its flagship offerings. Their expertise in manufacturing led to the creation of products that quickly captured the attention of discerning customers. With an aim to be the one-stop solution for all your home needs, Ayush explains, "We as a team aspire for ellementry to be the one-stop solution for all your home needs. Whether it's furnishings, rugs, or garden furniture, we want to be your go-to lifestyle brand store."

As the brand continues to evolve, they are now venturing into accent furniture, furnishings, and even hardware, reflecting its commitment to providing all-encompassing solutions for modern homes.

Everyday Luxury

Ellementry positions itself as a brand offering "affordable luxury." Their mission is to elevate daily living through products as basic as a mug, bowl, or plate, offered at competitive prices. The founder emphasizes, "We want to make your everyday beautiful."

Thus, what sets them apart is their status as manufacturers, differentiating them from competitors who rely on third-party manufacturers. Ellementry's manufacturing muscle allows it to introduce 50 to 60 new products every second month, providing freshness and variety that is unparalleled in the market.

Retail and Marketing Strategy

With a 48 percent repeat rate, ellementry's commitment to quality and aesthetics resonates with its customers, resulting in a healthy repeat rate. This impressive figure signifies customer satisfaction and the trust they place in the brand. Additionally, their retail stores boast a remarkable conversion rate of 68 percent, illustrating the brand's ability to turn visitors into loyal customers.

"We are not there on the face and have a subtle approach," states the founder.

ellementry follows a cluster approach when entering new cities, as Ayush explains, "In a cluster approach, we're able to justify everything, from marketing costs to inventory management." The brand adopts a subtle marketing approach, focusing on suggesting rather than pushing products. Their engagement with customers on social media and receptiveness to feedback create a strong and loyal customer base.

Moreover, with a constant presence on social media, the brand maintains a live and engaging connection with its customers, fostering a sense of community.

D2C and the Power of Omnichannel

Ayush highlights, "D2C helps you to capture multiple data points. These data points eventually help you to satisfy your customer in a better, speedy, shortest time, best way possible." ellementry's omnichannel approach provides a seamless shopping experience, allowing them to collect valuable customer data and fine-tune their marketing strategies.

The brand’s D2C model allows them to collect invaluable customer data, aiding in the fine-tuning of marketing strategies.

Technology is being used in each and every aspect of ellementry, from internal communications to product lifecycle management. Customized tools and systems support their endeavors, allowing them to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Ayush reveals, "We monitor all our products through a product lifecycle tool, and we have customized systems for everything." The brand continues to explore the potential of artificial intelligence to enhance the in-store shopping experience for customers, providing personalized recommendations based on their choices.

Financial Growth and Expansion

ellementry's financial journey showcases consistent year-on-year growth of 5-10 percent. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the brand is set to break even and is projected to reach revenues of Rs 35-40 crore. Their expansion plans are ambitious, with a target of 50-70 stores across India in the next two years, and a growing presence in international markets.

A Vision for the Future

Baid emphasizes, "I want to make ellementry, one global brand, all Indians can be proud of."

Looking ahead, Ayush envisions ellementry as a global brand, promoting the 'Make in India' initiative and empowering artisans. The brand aspires to be a one-stop solution for all home needs and is committed to providing products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The brand's story is one of tradition, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of everyday elegance. As it continues to make strides in the world of home and lifestyle, it leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and homes of customers both in India and beyond.

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