How Fast&Up Man Aims to Disrupt Men's Health & Wellness Category
How Fast&Up Man Aims to Disrupt Men's Health & Wellness Category

Men's health and sexual wellness are rarely discussed in our country. No matter what your background is, it is considered taboo to even mention it. According to the NFHS 5 report, 15.6 percent of men have high blood sugar levels compared to 13.5 percent of women, and 24 percent of men are hypertensive compared to 21 percent of women. The prevalence of lung and prostate cancer, colon and rectal cancer, depression, and suicides are also high among men compared to women. Over the last two to three years, there has been a significant growth of around 16- 17 percent in India's men's health and wellness industry. After the pandemic, people have become health conscious and started taking better care of themselves. This is what inspired the D2C brand Fast&Up to launch ‘Fast&Up Man’.

“There was a need for a health and wellness brand that understands all the different needs and requirements of men. We have launched a new category specific to men to cater to their general health, well-being, and sexual health. These supplements have been made with high-quality ingredients that are locally and internationally sourced. The range also includes vegan products sourced from all-natural and plant-based ingredients to cater to the country’s growing vegan consumer base,” said Varun Khanna, Co-Founder, Fast&Up Man.

Fast&Up Man aims to empower individuals with the help of effective scientific solutions for men promoting a healthier, better performance in life.

Brand Building

Fast&Up Man has a presence on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart, Netmeds, Zepto, Blinkit, 1mg, HyugaLife, Nykaa Man, and Fit India Products, as well as its own website.

The brand products are also available in the offline market. It has a strong presence in about 1,000+ stores across India. “We want to scale this presence to up to 2500+ stores by the end of this quarter,” stated Khanna.

“We are also expanding our presence via quick commerce, third-party portals, and retail channel distribution,” he added.

Options Galore

At present, the brand has a total of six products under the Fast&Up Man category. The target age group for the range is between 18 to 60 years. Its plant protein is designed for men with added performance boosters. Fast&Up Man also has a multivitamin for men for those who want to relieve stress and gain more energy.

Besides, the brand also has two products that are oriented majorly towards sexual wellness, which are Man Performance and Man Extend. The Man Extend is for premature ejaculation, and Man Performance is for helping people with erectile dysfunction or impotence. It further has an ashwagandha formulation for natural vitality, stress management & hormonal balance.

How Fast&Up Man Aims to Disrupt Men's Health & Wellness Category

“Our journey as a brand has been instrumental in the field of men’s nutrition; we are looking forward to launching more products this year. As a home-grown brand, our products are GMP-certified and WHO-approved. We have a wide variety of flavors with our products not only being tasty and effective, these are easy to carry and convenient to consume. From a range of powders to capsules to effervescent tablets, there are myriad options for the customer to choose from,” he further explained.

Marketing Approach

Men's health and sexual problems are rarely discussed openly. While this conversation has started over the last few years, there is still a long way to go. As a brand, it wants to highlight that these health problems exist; and that there is a solution.

Fast&Up Man’s marketing approach is to tell people that this is the best and most reliable brand for men’s health and nutrition. Through its marketing campaign, the brand is trying to convey that it is normal for men to have issues. “The biggest problem we are facing is that men don't openly accept and acknowledge the health issues they are suffering from. We, as a brand, are here to tell them that it's okay to have problems, and there are ways to become your best self,” asserted Khanna.

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Road Ahead

The brand expects this category to grow at least two-fold in the coming year. As a very fast-moving space, Fast&Up Man is also seeing more significant adoption of its brand from Tier II and III cities, which is an exciting stack.

“Our objective for the coming year is to create a gamut of products focusing on men’s health. We aim to educate men and make them aware of how they can tackle any health or sexual issues they might be facing,” he concluded.

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