How Foxtale is Aiming to Take a Bigger Share in the Skincare Market
How Foxtale is Aiming to Take a Bigger Share in the Skincare Market

With a wide range of consumer interests and needs, the Indian skincare business is a significant and extremely complicated industry. Customers want to concentrate on good skin, whether that means adhering to a basic skincare regimen or experimenting with products made from certain ingredients. While some people prefer to use advanced skincare products like sheet masks and serums, there is still a substantial group of people who are beginning to use fundamental skin care techniques.

According to Research and Markets, the skin care products market was valued at Rs 129.76 billion in 2020. More people are now shifting to maintaining a skin care routine because of the knowledge available on the internet and influencer marketing, hence, this market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.22 percent during the 2021-2025 period, to reach a value of Rs 191.09 billion by 2025. 

Cashing in on this bandwagon, the direct-to-consumer skincare brand Foxtale was launched in 2021.

“I evaluated more than 150 skincare and beauty products as a venture capitalist and saw a discrepancy between consumer demands and the actions firms took to meet them. I had to create a brand that understood the needs of the contemporary Indian woman, taking into account not only the skin type but also the lifestyle, their interaction with skincare products and the issues attempted to address. That much sums up my goal with Foxtale,” Romita Mazumdar, Co-Founder at Foxtale said.

Why Focus on the D2C Model?

The brand is distributing its products pan-India through its own website. Apart from its website, Foxtale products are available on e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and 1mg.

Foxtale’s USP lies in delivering products that customers genuinely need while paying attention to their needs. There is undoubtedly fierce competition in this sector and there are numerous brands to choose from, however, not every company is a competitor of the brand.

“We place a strong emphasis on product experiences and sampling across a variety of touchpoints, as suggested by our USP. Our users recognize this after a few trials that our items are superior due to their experience and efficacy. Hence, focus on the D2C model for expansion has always been the plan,” Mazumdar stated.

Product Offerings

The brand is presently offering six products which include hydrating face cleanser, Vitamin C serum, hydrating moisturizer, dewy sunscreen, mattifying sunscreen, and a recently launched acne gel spot corrector that can minimize acne in as less as 12 hours.

Foxtale has also recently launched mini versions of its products in a travel-friendly pouch. It is further planning to introduce more new products in skincare by this month.

Its target audience is GenZ and Millenials, with an age group ranging from 20-40 years.

Community Building over Direct Brand Building

India is a nation where people function on trust and faith. Because of this, word of mouth plays a huge role in any business plan. Direct brand building is something being done for years by almost every brand. From the start, Foxtale’s aim was to provide efficiency and to connect with Indian women. Its lab trials plan comes into the picture when it talks about this and it helps in understanding more about skincare issues that the brand needs to work on.

Another thing that helps it is its Foxtale Tribe initiative, wherein it brings forth creative and multi-genre content producers to interact with a group of aspiring content creators and provides them with a platform to learn from the best and shape them into skilled content entrepreneurs. Not only that, but the Foxtale team will also help them by suggesting their insights and tips on content growth. This all comes under its goal of creating its own community.

“Community building not only helps us to sell our products but also it helps to develop more effective skincare products and helps the budding creators in the social media platforms as well,” Mazumdar asserted.

Future Plans

Foxtale is planning to launch upwards of 15 SKUs by the end of the year. It will be available in new distribution aggregator platforms by October.

In order to improve its online presence and guarantee a wider reach across the nation, the brand will also collaborate with more e-commerce platforms this year.

“As a team, we will focus on hiring senior management members and expand our team strength to 100 people by the end of the year,” Mazumdar noted.

“We are focusing on collaboration with well-known, and micro-influencers both. Other than that, we collaborate with other social media pages that share the same message of spreading self-care,” she concluded.

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