How Skippi is Planning to be a Market Leader in the Ice Popsicle Segment
How Skippi is Planning to be a Market Leader in the Ice Popsicle Segment

Forget those usual ice cream scoops because now is the time for popsicles. The various flavored frozen sticks are brightening up our lives for all the right reasons. If happiness comes with a double scoop, you can’t ignore the thrill and excitement that comes with these color pop ice sticks. To encash this opportunity, Skippi introduced bright, peppy, and flavorful ice popsicles to delight the popsicle heads.

Since 18 months into the business, Skippi is known for being a part of Shark Tank within just six months after the launch of the brand. As the brand has seen great excitement among the consumer, it has been growing exponentially. As soon as it was launched, it became the favorite of consumers because of its product innovation, packaging, and deliverables. With the continuous upgradation of production capacities, innovations, and team sizes, the brand has scaled up to new heights.

Ravi Kabra, Co-founder, Skippi said, “It's been a rollercoaster ride because a brand which is actually working under the radar has the opportunity to plan well and then execute it accordingly. But a brand like us, which actually gained, publicity and fame overnight, had absolutely no idea what was coming across. We had to scale up dramatically. We had to meet the expectations of the customers along with handling our operations, recruiting like crazy, and increasing our team sizes. So it has been a very chaotic journey at the same time along with being exciting so far.” 

Betting Big on New Ways to Reaching Out to Consumers
The brand is betting big on franchising as a lot of its consumers are impulsive buyers. It is also looking at more innovative ways to reach out to its consumers. The push carts, which are traditionally used by various ice creams, did not excite the co-founders as they come along with area limitations.

Skippi being a very exciting and energetic brand, I wanted to do something innovative with delivery, the way we did with our brand and packaging as well. So, we got this great idea of coming up with an EV bike ensuring our partners at least eight to 10 hours of run with a frozen popsicle in their deep freezers,” he asserted.

Tech Integration
The brand believes that its deep freezers are going to be a great asset for its franchise partners. 

We have installed GPS tracker to the EV Bikes so that the franchise partners are actually tracking them and making them available across the most popular public places. Apart from this, we will soon be launching an app via which the consumer can identify the location of the EV bike and can request it to come to its location,” he said.

And from a distribution point of view, we have software which monitors the stock moment of these EV bikes,” he further added.   

Future Plans
The brand, which has been observing 20-22 percent month-on-month growth, is looking forward to introducing more than a hundred EV bikes soon. Along with this, it is also looking forward to ramping up its presence this summer season by focusing not only on its online presence and other e-commerce companies but also a significant presence on the quick commerce platforms. 

We have recently tied up with Zepto and BigBasket for Pan India presence. Skippi freezer bikes will work as a marketing tool for us as the more the consumers see the bikes on the road, the more the brand call they will actually have. This year, we will also be focusing on regional advertising,” he stated.

We are looking forward to closing FY 22-23 close to Rs 25 crore ARR and targeting Rs 55 crore ARR for FY 23-24. As we have increased our production capacity to nearly 6X, we are certain that we will be able to meet our goals. We plan to be the market leader in the ice popsicle category and five years down the line, Skippi will evolve as a brand that is focused on excitement, and nostalgia with a commitment to deliver 100 percent national products to its consumers,” he further added.

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