How Tots & Bubbles is Nurturing Little Lives with Nature's Touch
How Tots & Bubbles is Nurturing Little Lives with Nature's Touch

"Our journey began as parents ourselves, encountering a market filled with beautifully branded but often disappointing products," states Kriish Puri, Co-Founder, Tots & Bubbles.

In a world teeming with options, it takes a special vision to stand out, especially when it comes to caring for the most delicate beings – the children. For Kriish Puri, Co-Founder of Tots & Bubbles, that vision was born out of the desire to provide a better, safer, and more effective alternative for baby skincare and shower products. Tots & Bubbles was founded on a simple yet powerful premise- crafting skincare solutions that are natural, non-toxic, and truly nourishing.

The brand isn't just about skincare; it's about crafting a symphony of care using ingredients that have stood the test of time. The brand combines traditional Indian elements like Kokum Butter and Mustard Oil with globally recognized components like Lavender Oil and Shea Butter. This fusion of the old and new is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating products that are both effective and nurturing.

The Vision Unveiled

The Tots & Bubbles journey started from the frustration of parents who, despite the myriad options available, found a void in the market for products that aligned with their values. This void led to a unique approach, where branding took a backseat to meticulous formulation.

Kriish Puri and his team of specialists embarked on a year-long journey to create formulations from scratch, prioritizing quality ingredients over everything else. The result? A range of products that are as safe as they are effective, products that Kriish himself uses on his child, embodying the brand's commitment to excellence.

"What sets Tots & Bubbles apart is the painstaking effort we put into our formulations, which took over a year to develop," asserts Puri.

Crafting Purity

Tots & Bubbles products are not only made from natural, non-toxic ingredients and produced in an FDA-approved facility, but they're also dermatologically tested. Ensuring the safety and quality of baby skincare products requires more than words – it requires a commitment to stringent standards.

Crafted in an FDA-approved facility, each product undergoes dermatological testing to ensure it meets the brand's uncompromising standards. Small-batch production ensures that every product is a testament to the quality, instilling confidence in parents who only want the best for their little ones.

With every product, every innovation, and every bubble, they're nurturing the essence of childhood – pure, joyful, and safe.

The brand's commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint is woven into every aspect of its operations. From utilizing a small-batch production model to recycling water for nurturing plants and trees, Tots & Bubbles is actively treading a path toward a greener planet. With recyclable packaging and a pledge to continually enhance sustainability measures, the brand sets an inspiring example for conscious consumption.

A Technological Symphony of Quality and Compliance

With a foundation rooted in care, innovation, and dedication, the brand envisions a future where its impact on children's skincare and baby shower products is profound.

Moreover, at Tots & Bubbles, technology isn't just a tool; it's a guardian of quality and compliance. From leveraging advanced machinery in production to earning an FDA certification, the brand's technological prowess ensures precision, consistency, and adherence to the highest standards. The Co-Founder adds, "Our FDA certification inherently communicates our dedication to quality and regulatory compliance."

A Self-Funded and Family-Centric Journey

Puri states, "Even though external funding options were available, we've chosen to operate more akin to a family business than a startup.”

Unwavering in their commitment to their core principles, the brands’ self-funded approach safeguards their vision and integrity. While acknowledging the potential of future collaborations, Kriish Puri and his team remain steadfast in their resolve to uphold their ideals.

With just a short span since its launch, Tots & Bubbles is already experiencing an uplifting trend in order volumes, the promising trajectory speaks volumes about the brand's potential to redefine the children's skincare landscape. With an expanding portfolio and an unwavering commitment to quality, Tots & Bubbles is poised to make a lasting impact on children's skincare and baby shower products.

The D2C Advantage

In an age where convenience reigns supreme, Tots & Bubbles leverages the direct-to-consumer model to bring ease and choice to parents' fingertips. The brand's emphasis on delivering product excellence aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of its target audience. "Our decision to debut through D2C channels was born out of our own experiences as modern-day consumers," emphasizes Puri.

While the future might hold possibilities for traditional retail, for now, Tots & Bubbles is focused on directly nurturing connections and meeting the needs of modern parents.

With every product, every innovation, and every bubble, they're nurturing the essence of childhood – pure, joyful, and safe.

In a world where quality and care intersect, Tots & Bubbles shines as a testament to the power of parental love transformed into exceptional products. As the brand's story unfolds, it's clear that every bubble holds not just skincare but a promise of nurturing, a commitment to excellence, and a vision of a healthier, happier tomorrow for the littlest members of our world.

Kriish Puri concludes, "We firmly believe our dedication and active involvement will have a positive impact on children’s skincare. Our current portfolio has a selection of four offerings but we have an eye out to unlock more opportunities in this market soon."

Thus, Tots & Bubbles is more than a brand; it's a journey of love, care, and the promise of a better tomorrow. With every product, every innovation, and every bubble, they're nurturing the essence of childhood – pure, joyful, and safe.

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