How You Care Lifestyle is Planning to go Omnichannel
How You Care Lifestyle is Planning to go Omnichannel

You Care Lifestyle is a digitally curated marketplace for clean lifestyle products. With over 400 vendors; from local to international brands, to small startups and home bakers, the company attempts to bring all the vendors together owing to the products they offer.

Talking about the journey, Luke Coutinho, Co-founder, You Care Lifestyle said, “It has been an incredible first year for us, we have more than 250 ethical brands connected with us. Moreover, our returning audience has also been increasing month on month.”

According to Coutinho, nutrition is one of the top-selling categories. The wellness market receives more than 3,500 to 4,500 visitors each day, and the said number is expected to rise further. 

How YouCare Lifestyle is Making a Positive Impact Towards a Healthier Society.

Options Galore

Built on the four pillars of Luke Coutinho’s philosophy of viewing health from a holistic perspective, namely - Deep Cellular Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep, and Emotional Detox. You Care Lifestyle is present in these categories along with special categories for clean beauty products, non-toxic baby foods and kids’ toys, sustainable home decor, and eco-friendly pooja essentials.

“With our platform, we are committed to providing ethical brands, responsibly sourced products, and clean labels, honest and pure products. To ensure we don't miss any of the above points, we have a team of core experts who ensure the product authenticity, details, and labels, and then approve or reject it. Therefore, we proudly claim that all of our products are Team Luke verified,” said Luke Coutinho.

Supporting Sustainable Lifestyle

You Care Lifestyle selects products for its platform that can provide its customers with a high level of assurance regarding the brand and the products available therein. 

How YouCare Lifestyle is Making a Positive Impact Towards a Healthier Society.

“We verify and check several factors to ensure that the certificates and the backing authority are authentic. Also, we have a list of banned ingredients such as refined sugar, refined oil, cassia cinnamon, dalda, parabens, synthetic fragrance, to name a few - which are strictly prohibited from being included in any product listed on our platform,” asserted Coutinho. 

The platform’s research team thoroughly reviews every ingredient and claim made by the brands, and only approves products that meet You Care’s specifications.

Onboarding Verified Brands

With over 4,000 products on its platform with different USPs including natural, organic, sugar-free, vegan, etc. products. The platform is trusted by more than 3 lakh individuals who visit the platform to choose the right products for them. The platform, therefore, provides direct access to the target audience for farmers and vendors with no involvement of middlemen. The platform currently has over 300 brands in 11 different categories.

“We have certain guidelines for onboarding and allow only those brands who adhere to the same. The onboarding process is very stringent and we follow the criteria set by the different departments of the Governing body,” said Luke Coutinho.

How YouCare Lifestyle is Making a Positive Impact Towards a Healthier Society.

Retail and Marketing

The one-year-old company is currently self-funded and aims to build a platform of the most trusted brands without gimmicks for wellness and prevention.

Moreover, the company’s current focus is to reach out to more like-minded consumers, who are on the constant lookout for healthy and sustainable alternatives for holistic health.

“We are working with various communities and partner collaborations to drive reach and awareness while curating specific formulations that have worked well for our patients” added Luke.

Since Coutinho believes, the consumer is at the center of everything, being a Direct-to-Customer brand allows You Care to directly interact with its audience, and strengthen its relationship, while making a positive impact toward its vision of a healthier society.

Future Plans

Talking about its future plans, You Care lifestyle is exploring offline centers and the franchise model as well to add to its reach and distribution.

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