Twamev Sets Sights on Tier II Cities in India and USA for Global Expansion
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Twamev Sets Sights on Tier II Cities in India and USA for Global Expansion

While brands like Manyavar and Mohey have made celebration wear accessible to consumers, Raghav Agarwal, CEO of Twamev identified a significant gap in the designer wear segment. His goal is to bridge this gap, offering an alternative between Manyavar, Mohey, and high-end designer wear. The market is currently fragmented, dominated by regional players, requiring consumers to plan extensively and often delivering a subpar shopping experience.

“At Twamev, our focus is on product quality, customer experience, and competitive pricing. We emphasize craftsmanship, natural fabrics, and innovative designs to ensure our customers receive the best in designer wear,” said Agarwal.

The name "Twamev" is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "you are the one." This reflects the brand’s mission to provide a platform for self-expression and individuality, allowing customers to explore and discover their unique style in its stores.

Spreading Wings

The brand currently operates five stores: two in Bangalore, and one each in Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune. Its largest store, covering around 10,000 square feet, is located in Southeast Delhi.

Twamev Sets Sights on Tier II Cities in India and USA for Global Expansion

“At present, our primary focus is on enhancing the consumer experience at each store rather than simply increasing the number of locations. Ultimately, we aim to have a presence across India and, eventually, internationally. This month, we are opening two new stores, one in Surat and one in Gurugram,” Agarwal stated.

“Our strategy is to open larger format stores due to our extensive product portfolio and our desire to offer a larger-than-life experience to our customers,” he added.

Currently, Twamev’s target cities include Mumbai and Hyderabad, where it plans to open its biggest store yet.

Online Presence

Apart from its website, the brand products are available on platforms like Pernia and Myntra, with plans to expand to 2-3 more online platforms soon. 

“Our product portfolio is quite unique, with digital platforms serving as the initial touchpoint for consumers. Customers first encounter our brand online, where they can explore and experience it digitally. However, we find that they ultimately prefer to visit our stores to make their purchases. As shopping for wedding and event attire is an emotional experience, families often come together to see and try on the garments for special occasions like weddings and Sangeets. Thus, while digital channels showcase the latest trends, silhouettes, and colors, in-person shopping remains crucial,” explained Agarwal.

To enhance this process, the brand offers a "book an appointment" feature, allowing customers to pre-select garments online, add them to a cart, and then visit the store to try on these specific items, making their in-store experience faster and more efficient. Additionally, it provides a video call feature for those unable to visit the store, enabling them to shop remotely.

Myriad of Choices

In its men's collection, Twamev offers a comprehensive range of celebration wear, including kurtas, kurta jackets, bandits, Indo-western outfits, sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits, and accessories. For women, its offerings include sarees and pre-stitched sarees, designed for those who want to be ready in just a few minutes. It also has lehengas and a bridesmaid collection. In total, the brand product portfolio consists of approximately 700-800 SKUs.

Twamev Sets Sights on Tier II Cities in India and USA for Global Expansion

“We are also expanding our men's accessories line with new items such as shawls and pocket squares,” noted Agarwal.

Utilizing Data

The brand has an automated replenishment system that predicts store demand based on pin codes. Leveraging its extensive company database, this system helps it determine which products are popular in different regions. Given India's diversity, market demands can vary significantly between places like Delhi and Hyderabad.

Its automated system analyzes sales trends both in-store and online to identify consumer preferences. By continuously studying these trends, it can accurately forecast demand and ensure its stores are stocked with the right products for each specific area.

Marketing Innovation

Twamev strategically partners with influencers across diverse styles and demographics, ensuring its brand remains appealing and current. Its Instagram page exemplifies this strategy, featuring collaborations with influencers ranging from established figures in luxury fashion to new faces and those renowned for streetwear content. These partnerships have expanded its reach significantly and harnessed the power of social media to connect with a broader audience.

“Additionally, we unveiled a brand film last year that not only showcases our brand's vision but also highlights the meticulous thought and craftsmanship behind our designs. This storytelling approach has deepened our emotional connection with customers, offering them insight into our brand ethos and the dedication invested in every product,” he noted.

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Growth Strategy

Twamev aims to establish a strong presence in Tier II cities across India. Recognizing the growing aspiration and convenience factor among consumers, particularly in cities outside major metros like Delhi and Mumbai, it sees significant potential in markets such as Chandigarh, Jaipur, and Surat.

“Simultaneously, we are exploring opportunities beyond India's borders, with a particular focus on the USA, where our brand resonates strongly within the diaspora community. This dual approach reflects our commitment to broadening our reach while catering to diverse consumer preferences and convenience needs,” he concluded.

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