What Makes Power Gummies Stay Atop The Nutraceutical Industry
What Makes Power Gummies Stay Atop The Nutraceutical Industry

Power Gummies, a D2C brand known for its chewable vitamin gummies, offers products backed by scientific evidence and made from best-in-class vegan-based ingredients. These gummies aim to fix the root cause of problems in order to provide complete nutrition to its consumers.

Within 3 years of its inception, the brand witnessed a growth of 260.27 percent in 2019 and 181.41 percent for the year 2020-22, having served more than 10,00,000 customers while selling over 60,00,000 gummies. The brand vouches to offer 80-100 percent of the daily nutrition required by the human body.

The Journey

The journey of the brand started with the founders’ mother’s hatred for prescribed pills which allowed him to experiment with different products and come up with ‘Power Gummies’.

“I realized that the nutraceutical segment needed a push to grow, and with Power Gummies I thought, this is the next best alternative which can drive and create a bigger nutraceutical market,” said Divij Bajaj, Founder and CEO, Power Gummies.

Since the beginning, the brand has been well-received and accepted by its audience. Owing to the format of the products offered by the brand, Power Gummies has witnessed a 300 percent year-on-year growth.

In India, there is a lack of awareness and acceptance in terms of nutraceuticals when compared to the Western world.

“In India, we do not take multivitamins without being prescribed by the doctors, our food is mostly overcooked losing most of its nutrition, making the total vitamin profile consumption haywire,” said Bajaj.

The Need for Nutraceuticals

Bajaj believes that any problem the human body undergoes can be resolved with appropriate nutrition. Power Gummies as a nutraceutical brand aims to do the same while spreading consumer awareness and teaching the audience about overall holistic nutrition.

“We have leaflets inside that explain the milestones, which are completely based on clinical trials. Nutraceuticals do not work overnight, it is a gradual process that eventually provides the desired results,” asserted Divij Bajaj.

The brand backs its products with its robust R&D, every milestone it promises is based on numerous clinical trials, to update the audience and make them understand the logic behind the nutrition.

“Post pandemic, people have started taking their health more seriously having understood the necessity of Vitamin C and Zinc in their daily lifestyle, helping immunity be better than ever before,” commented Bajaj.

Power Gummies

Options Galore

All products offered by the brand are problem-solving, not particularly catering to some individual mechanism or trigger. The brand aims to understand the problems and provide a collective solution.

The first variant of Power Gummies was Gorgeous Nail and Hair - a composition with 14 essential vitamins and minerals that collectively impact hair and nails. Similarly, the gummies for weight management have zero sugar while the ones for the skin is collagen-based with sea buckthorn and vitamin C. The latest launch of Power Gummies was Blessful Sleep Gummies to enhance the user’s sleep within 15 minutes.

“With our products, we make sure to understand all the active ingredients and understand the ones that help in the digestion of these active ingredients making the products highly effective. However, the effectiveness of each product is very different from the others,” commented Divij Bajaj.

The Taste Factor

Owing to its robust R&D, the brand has been able to achieve the indulgence factor with its taste along with the stability and craftsmanship of the gummies. This has further aided the brand to have a customer retention of 54 percent in the D2C segment.

“We make sure that the pallets that touch base with our customers get to all their senses, from fragrance to touch, to feel as well as the look of gummies has been curated carefully. When it comes to taste, we make sure that every taste pallet is catered to and sensed out giving a very likable start, middle and after taste; all this with a very little amount of sugar,” he added.

Being conscious of sugar, Power Gummies uses one-fourth of the amount in a sachet however, the brand also has sugar-free variants.

What Makes Power Gummies Stay Atop The Nutraceutical Industry

Why Power Gummies? 

According to the brand, nutrition is meant to be over-the-counter and not prescribed, it aims to bring a lifestyle approach to the table.

“From the packaging itself our brand brings out quirkiness all based on the lifestyle angle we want to promote,” said the founder.

The brand, therefore, vouches for the quality it offers to its audiences, from the look of the gummies to its taste to its effectiveness. Moreover, Power Gummies are pectin-based vegan gummies that stay stable in Indian temperatures.

Every vitamin used by the brand is water soluble for the safety of the consumers making it easy to flush it out of the system if had more than prescribed.

Thus, not compromising on the quality of the ingredients, Power Gummies provides the best-in-class quality products when it comes to nutraceuticals post rigorous R&D. The brand thus provides 80-100 percent of the daily nutrition requirement to its consumers.

Retail and Marketing Strategy

Power Gummies currently is not only catering to Tier I and Tier II cities but is also receiving responses from Tier III cities, wherein individuals are spending in order to get access to better quality products.

For the year 2022, the brand aims to focus on Dapper Beard and Hair, a Power Gummies variant exclusive for men, this variant would hit the shelves on November 15, 2022.

Similarly, the major focus for the year 2023 will be Power Gummies Junior, which will be launched around February 2023, with 8 variants exclusively for kids. The said variant has been formulated post 2 years of R&D and is awaiting the final clinical trials’ publication.

The brand promises to comprise 68 percent of the Indian Nutraceutical market and aims to grow with newer launches with new variants of the best quality.

“We are currently targeting the top MTs in the top Tier cities, the second phase will be to get primary GT stores in these top cities, especially in beauty stores. The third phase would focus on capturing the whole of India,” stated Bajaj.

What Makes Power Gummies Stay Atop The Nutraceutical Industry

Why D2C?

According to Bajaj, starting out with a nutraceutical brand requires a lot of consumer awareness initiative and the same would have been expensive with the limited resources the brand initially started out with.

Starting out as a bootstrapped venture, Power Gummies opted for D2C and launched via social media with influencers.

Moreover, D2C helped the brand stay directly connected with its audience and cater to their demands organically.

Growth and Funding

Having undergone 5 rounds of funding, the last one being Series A led by Nine Unicorn, DSG, Wipro Consumers, and Sharp Ventures, Power Gummies has successfully raised $9 million in total.

“Going forward we have enough to sustain, however in the coming years we look forward to raising via series B to go ahead with major kids and international expansion,” commented Divij Bajaj.

The said funds have been mostly deployed in R&D and consumer awareness. The brand is available through numerous retail touch-points such as Guardian Pharmacy, Modern Bazaar, Lulu Store, Food Hall, etc.

Future Plans

Along with the upcoming launches - Dapper Hair and Beard an exclusive variant for men and Power Gummies Junior which would comprise 8 new variants for kids, the brand is looking forward to expanding further.

“We have already started getting order requests from Dubai, however, we are currently focussing on our Indian expansion. We have set up a new plant which will be functional from January 2023,” said Bajaj.

The brand intends to be present in 8 to 10 countries by 2023.

Further, Power Gummies aims to be at the top of the industry in the next 5 years, having a market percentage of 60-65 percent, with around 45 variants of Power Gummies and 8 variants of Power Gummies Junior.   

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