Why OneGreen is the Ultimate Platform for Conscious Consumers
Why OneGreen is the Ultimate Platform for Conscious Consumers

OneGreen is an e-commerce marketplace for conscious consumers who believe in living healthy lives while maintaining the balance of nature. It is an extensive platform offering 100 percent certified and assured products across categories like groceries, breakfast essentials, snacks, beverages, home care, kids, etc.

Co-founded by Abhijit Bhattacharya, Chief Business Officer, and Neha Gahlaut, Chief Growth Officer, OneGreen aims to become the world’s most trusted green store online. In the quest to adopt conscious lifestyle practices, the founders realized that the market was packed with options, with over 6,000 brands claiming to sell conscious products and over 130 million consumers who rely on them, in India alone.

However, barely 30 percent of brands were honest in their claims about the actual composition or impact of their products. With OneGreen the platform offers more than 18,000 products from over 500 brands that are certified as vegan, toxin-free, preservatives-free, eco-friendly, gluten-free, cruelty-free, etc.

The Inception

Post Covid-19 there was an acceleration towards conscious choices wherein a higher number of individuals started looking for safer and healthier options, the market too witnessed an increase in D2C brands offering clean and green products undergoing a 70 percent month-on-month growth.

OneGreen thus began its operations in operations in February 2021 and marketing around July 2021 aiming to become a one-stop-shop for all things safe, natural, and conscious. The platform has since been scaling aggressively, witnessing significant growth both in supply and demand.

“We had around 100 brands on us when we started and now we have more than 500 brands, with over 18,000 products across 80 categories. Moreover, we have over 1,00,000 customers with very healthy repeats and AOVs,” said Abhijit Bhattacharya.

Being a horizontal marketplace, OneGreen has more than 80 categories listed with them inclusive of food and beverages, snacks, breakfast, groceries, wellness supplements, personal care, intimate hygiene, kids toys, kids snacks, home cleaning, home care, and stationery to name a few.


With brands such as Yogabar, The Whole Truth, Max protein, True Elements, etc, OneGreen has over 500 brands currently onboard with over 100 brands on its waitlist.

Thus, OneGreen provides numerous operations for its customers to choose from. With its dedicated team for brand acquisition, 90 percent of the brands that get onboarded are approached organically.

“We have a very thorough process of onboarding brands. We are operating in the conscious consumerism space and hence it becomes very important to evaluate the brands before we get them onboard,” asserted Gahlaut.

“We follow a 3-step approach which involves identifying clean and honest brands, validating and verifying their claims by checking their certifications and lastly a thorough inspection by our in-house team of dermatologists and food scientists to check the ingredients and corroborate the claims with them,” she further added.

OneGreen Index

The founders developed a unique proprietary tool called the OneGreen Index which serves as a three-step quality and credibility assessment model for conscious products across categories.

This further harnesses cutting-edge machine learning models, neural learning, and artificial intelligence to validate each and every claim a brand makes, giving it a 100 percent objective score.

“To ensure that the score is not just a reflection of the honesty of the brand but also how sustained the efforts of the brand are, we have also considered other variables that validate the efforts that the brand undertakes to make itself available, visible and popular,” commented Neha Gahlaut.

The algorithm tests, validates, and confirms each and every claim made by a brand and testifies its presence and popularity before it makes it to the platform. Therefore, the higher the score, the more assured one can be about a brand. Moreover, OneGreen got in touch with certifying authorities globally to understand their criteria and parameters allowing them to verify each brand.

Also, OneGreen has its own team of in-house renowned experts who further scrutinize each element of the labels to re-verify whether the product really is true to what its label mentions.

OneGreen and Technology

With technology as its backbone, the platform has leveraged it across various functions, especially in OneGreen Index and its operations.

While with OneGreen Index, the platform thoroughly scrutinizes each brand before onboarding them, in terms of operations, it operates in a self-ship model and technology helps each brand to have their own dashboards, order, and invoice generations which are all automated.

Similarly, the tracking for its customers is done via API integrations owing to its robust tech structure.  

“As we progress, there would be more tech advances that will be built in with more in depth tech and automation being introduced across all product features. This would be across all functions, including Marketing and Operations – where we intend to bring in some clutter-breaking concepts into the market,” commented Bhattacharya.


Growth and Marketing

Scaling aggressively, OneGreen is currently focused on the top of the funnel aiming to reach out to a larger number of conscious consumers while ensuring its visibility at all the relevant touchpoints.

Moreover, it aims to continue to focus on social media as a key driver of awareness while also exploring other avenues to reach out to its target audience. 

Having grown by 170 percent in the last 6 months in terms of revenue, OneGreen is witnessing exponential growth. Furthermore, to date, the company has undergone 2 rounds of funding, including a seed round in March 2022 and a Pre-series round in November 2022.

Future Plans

With its vision to become the largest green store globally within the next 5 years, OneGreen has massive surge plans in both domestic and international horizons.  

The founders believe, the space of being conscious, green, and sustainable is going to grow further from where it stands and they intend to ride the said wave.

“We are aiming to become the first Indian brand to become a true global brand with presence and scale across more than 150 countries catering to health and wellness for individuals and care for the climate and environment,” concluded the founders.

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