Italian fashion for Indian penchant
Italian fashion for Indian penchant

OVS made way into India in 2009 to offer the Italian fashion to the Indian masses. Three years in and growing steadily, Neha Malhotra caught up with Daniele Piatto, CEO, OVS India to understand their business development in the country.

Neha Malhotra (NM): OVS- What's so special about it?

Daniele Piatto (DP): OVS is the leading Italian fast fashion brand, voted as the best place to buy in Italy in 2011, with an internal style and product development department involving designers and product managers who boast significant experiences in the major Italian fashion houses. Catering to men, women, children, the OVS stores offer a stylish fashion shopping experience for the consumer.

NM: What's its position in the Indian market?

DP: OVS has just started its expansion in India and it is still fine tuning its plan for this new emerging and complex market.

NM: How many stores does the brand have at present? What are the key locations for store openings?

DP: We have nine stores across the country including three stores in Mumbai and one in New Delhi. OVS Italian Fashion has spread to Amritsar, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Aurangabad and has plans for further expansion across India.

NM: Is the brand targeting tier II cities as well? What potential does it see in these markets?

DP: Yes, we are very much targeting tier II cities. We feel the buying capacity is there in such cities and all they lack is options. The tier II cities are very fashion conscious as well as fashionable but they do not have much exposure to new trendy fashionable options. The feedback on OVS Italian Fashion pricing has been excellent and we strive to bring great Italian Fashion into India at very best prices.

NM: What is the target clientele for Brandhouse Oviesse? What strategies have been devised for targeting them?

DP: We are targeting the youth of the country of ages between 18 – 28 years. The strategy was to bring the right kind of fashion into India keeping in mind the cultures, likes and dislikes of the people. We also kept in mind the pricing so that the merchandise should be affordable yet fashionable for the young people in the country who are very well aware of international fashion.

NM: The company has recently launched a programme, Radio Mirchi presents the D' Designer, 2012 – ‘Runway to fame’. Can you brief us about the same. What was Brandhouse Oviesse’s role in the project?

DP: The programme was launched in Surat to hunt for the finest designer across the city. Over 30 days with more than 150 contestants, the hunt for Surat’s finest designer began. There were six finalists of which one D’Designer then walked the runway of fame on 12 May 2012. Alongside featuring the final top six designer’s collections in Ethnic and Western wear, the show also featured OVS Italian Fashion’s latest SS’12 collection. OVS Italian Fashion was the official sponsor for the event.

NM: How much business contribution is the Indian counterpart making as compared to the rest of the countries the brand operates in?

DP: OVS is very well known in Italy with over 550 stores. Now OVS is developing abroad with over 75 stores distributed in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean area and Far East. India, with its nine stores across the country, plays a very important role in this expansion plan.

NM: The premium fashion sector in India is growing significantly over the luxury segment. What is facilitating this growth?

DP: Economy products are produced industrially and in large quantities. The mass production influences the pricing, as well as logistic advantages, the form of point-of-sale and the rate of turnover. Economy products will have a grand future, first because production technologies are getting better, faster and more secure. In the premium economy segment, premium economy products are placed with strong brands. They show premium as well as economy characteristics. Wherever their origin lies, they are carried by strong brands and what distinguishes them, most of all, is that they are purchased for the satisfaction of wants as well as needs.


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