Kalayan Jewellers plans to open 20 showroom by this fiscal

In conversation with Retailer media, T S Kalyanaraman, Chairman& Managing Director, Kalyan Jewellers reveals his new product line for festive season.

As every bride flaunts a unique style statement, the same way jewellery trends also differ across the country. Kalyan Jewellers have developed a vast collection of exquisite jewellery designs in contemporary and traditional motifs to cater to distinct and evolving customer needs. They endeavour to create masterpieces that have a compelling story and also complement the wedding trousseau.

What is the approach you catering to this wedding season?

A wedding is not only an important occasion for a bride, but also an auspicious occasion wherein she preserves the jewellery that will last for a lifetime. Jewellery is also an important reflection of every bride’s identity and if chosen wisely can become the bride’s style statement. This is why at Kalyan; we have developed a vast collection of exquisite wedding jewellery to suit every bride’s preferences. Each piece of our collection denotes a timeless appeal that she can savour for life. Our jewellery offers the highest quality, transparent pricing and a whole bouquet of designs in gold, diamonds, silver and studded jewellery for wedding as well as for everyday wear.

What does your total product line comprise of? Who is your target consumer and what consumer area/sensitivities does your brand stand for?

We see a huge traction for our polki collection -Tejasvi. It features polki diamond studded handcrafted jewellery, embellished with intricate Meenakari work. Assorted handcrafted chokers, long and short necklaces, bangles and earrings enrich   the collection.

Also, picking up pace is our uncut diamond jewellery collection Anokhi. This line is targeted at the new age bride, who chooses her jewellery as an expression of her sense of inner style. It is a luxurious experience in uncut diamonds embellished beautifully with rubies, emeralds and other precious stones.  

What are the latest trends you have planned for this wedding season? 

 Countless hours go into capturing the trends unfolding in jewellery and to understand customer preferences. While we are a national player, we operate like a local player in the communities in which we operate our business. We have for instance come up with a new collection called Rang, which is a fine saga set in precious stones like rubies, emeralds and blue sapphires. We anticipate huge demand for this during the festive season.

Today ecommerce is changing the scenario. How much competition do you feel from it?

I would say that it will take a long time in jewellery sector before e-commerce replaces traditional players or poses considerable threat to them, mostly because purchasing gold jewellery is looked at as an emotional and sometimes even auspicious decision. Most purchases made online are for small ticket items, largely for the purpose of gifting. Having said that, this Diwali we have launched our online presence also.  

How much revenue is generated during this period?

This season  has witnessed more weddings , as compared to last year and that should trigger demand momentum for wedding jewellery, which makes up for more than 40-50 per cent of demand.

What are your expansion plans?

This fiscal, our plan was to open 20 showrooms (15 in India and 5 in the Middle East) with a total investment of Rs. 900 crore. Out of these, 11 in new markets, 3 in Rajasthan (launched in April), 3 in Kolkata (launched in May) and 5 in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh put together. 

T S Kalyanaraman