Life is an occasion ? Dress for it'
Life is an occasion ? Dress for it'

“There is only one boss in Retail – Consumer. With different cultures, festivals, ceremonies, corporate and fashion events, Retailers can only survive with the delighted customers, fulfilling their needs at every moment,” states Darpan Kapoor,  Managing Director, Kapsons Fashion Pvt. Ltd, to Retailer Media.

 India is a country full of different cultures, festivals and with many ceremonies existing along with new upcoming trends such as corporate and fashion events, there has been a steep rise in the consumption pattern in the apparel industry. The society’s concepts of “standard lifestyles”, across the country, have been amplified by the numerous social occasions and invitations a single consumer has to send or attend. These social gatherings have, thus, promoted a healthy and harmonious way of living while being “trendy and glamorous”. More the needs of the consumers have grown, more the consumption has increased and more innovative ideas have been developed to deliver in ways other than the actual stores. Not to mention the international influence of fashion gurus across the world, ensuring the constant change of fashion trends and rapid technological improvements further ornamenting Fashion Retail like never before. And this will only enhance further.

How your brand resonates with the needs of modern consumer?

I am sure any retailer would thrive seeing their customers delighted. The journey of keeping your customers happy is never easy and Kapsons focuses on putting constant efforts to change with the changing fashion - season by season, every year. Be it through “In-Vogue” Brands and merchandise available at the shelves, extensive customer service across channels and brand marketing through simple and straight messages, Kapsons has created an image of “GO-TO” in the eyes of a modern customer across region.

How the consumer has changed towards your industry/ product in the last few years?

When we talk about changing consumers, there is no ending. Depending upon the fierce competitive scenario from International brand markets, variety of available options, and extensive customer service policies being followed everywhere; consumers are ruling the retail market.

With the increase in the technology and International cultural exposures, customer demands and needs have increased leaps and bounds. Where customers used to spend the whole season with only 2-4 trousers and maximum 6 shirts earlier, today, people need to “Dress-Smart” for every occasion - celebrating every occasion and every important moment of their life. I am happy to say that Kapsons has not only managed to provide the best of service and products so far but with the association and support from various associated international brands and national brands, but with hard work and dedication of our strong work-force, we have seen a stable increase in our customer loyalty.

How is eCommerce as a market for fashion products?

In today’s generation of fast living, online shopping and virtual stores coming to life, convenience is being delivered at every door step. eCommerce holds a huge potential for fashion products as everybody holds a smart phone in their hands with 24*7 Internet and wi-fi facilities. Indian Retail has still over 70% of untapped business and with eCommerce and technology coming into play, the chances to encash that untapped market holds a bright prospect for e-Retailers.

How physical distribution/ stores will change in your sector in the coming times?

Retailer, in earlier times, used to make un-planned purchases - a season before - as per the continuous production taking place to have the right merchandise at the right time. Times have changed. Although, a Retailer still needs to make the purchase - a season before - to have the right merchandise on the shelves at the right time, but, it is now done with proper research and foresighted in-depth knowledge to ‘select’ the right merchandise from the available options. However, the physical distribution and the stores will remain the same more or less; it will only keep on improving with the technology to save time.

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