New CEO of Celio looks to increase consumer engagement

The focus basically is to accelerate profitability that is the intent to look at how do we gel with consumers so as to increase our engagement with them, says Satyen P. Momaya, the new CEO of Celio.
Satyen P. Momaya, CEO, Celio Future Fashion

Satyen P. Momaya, the newly appointed CEO at Celio Future Fashion aims to build on the social network to communicate with the millennial youth. Spearheading the Retail Business at Celio Fashion, Momaya intends to work towards making the brand a premier menswear brand in the country by striking a balance between the Indian fashion and global fashion innovation, while focusing at better consumer interaction at the same time.

What will be your strategies for further growth of the brand in India? 
Celio has done well as a brand in last 7-8 years on growth. The focus basically is to accelerate profitability that is the intent to look at how do we gel with consumers so as to increase our engagement with them and thus elevate the overall shopping experience. So focus would be on engaging with the consumers; to continue to build on our product portfolio where we lead on global innovation as a platform.

In past we had planned to have a balance of Indian fashion and global fashion relevant to India. In nutshell we will look to increase on the component of our fashion line in Paris to be launched in India same time and increase that component in the entire assortment. Next in line would be to increase our footprint and that’s the multi-channel approach through all brick and mortar store and online channels.

What are you plans to scale up? What would be the key focus area?
The important point is no just the stores but also multi-channel expansion and intention is to cover the top 69 markets with strong brick and mortar presence across multi-brand outlets, shop-in-shop store formats and our standalone stores. 

Our immediate focus would be on increasing the productivity and from 12 to 18 months, we look at expanding our presence at these markets. Top 69 markets with 1 million plus population go well with our brand and target group in next 2 to 3 years. Metro plus the Tier I and some Tier II markets would be at our radar.

What would be the model of operation for the upcoming stores? 
We are working out the model and currently we own our stores and very few co-owned. So we would look at having a combination of owned and franchise stores for stand alone expansion.

What are the new rules of catering consumer (millennial youth) effectively?
We would focus on increasing engagement because our core target group is between 23 to 35 years. We understand India is one of the youngest markets and henceWe would really like to up our engagement and communication through both traditional and the wishful nature. For us as a brand this is an opportunity because we are catering to the millennials who are not very brand loyal but depend on sheer recommendation. so we will focus on strengthening our engagement on social network.  

Last year Celio did a brand licensing agreement for Simpsons. Are you planning for any similar deals?
The tie-ups are done at global level and we adapt them here. So we would definitely look forward for such associations. it helped in past as well despite of the merchandize being limited edition and expensive as compared to regular one.


Satyen P. Momaya