We have the turnover of around 1000 cr in Indian market: Yasunobu Nishiyama, Fujifilm

In exclusive conversation with Yasunobu Nishiyama, MD, Fujifilm shed light on the growth plans of the company.
“We have the turnover of around 1000 cr in Indian market”: Yasunobu Nishiyama, Fujifilm

Recently the Fujifilm has launched its new range of Instax and x series digital cameras in India. Instax  is already introduced in international markets and already a top seller with 7.5 million units sold worldwide. Joining at launch, Yasunobu spoke exclusively to indianretailer.com. Excerpts..

Kindly shed light on launched product today?

Under this pan India launch we have introduced Intax( mini and wide) ranges along with X series of digital camers. These are expanded product lineup to users who have different value and lifestyle.

Kindly highlight the current distribution? Are you planning to collaborate with modern retailers to expand your distribution?

As of now, we have close to 400 selling points. Our current network includes local dealers and from there it goes to retailers. We are already in talks with several retail chains in India as far as distribution is concerned. It is a very good opportunity for any retailer to expand the business as these are not at all a technical products and can fit into any channel and not just photo channel including toy shops, stationary, baby care products etc. Any retailer who is looking to add-up the range of companies can leverage from the opportunity.

Is the company also mulling over having its exclusive store?

We cannot have direct company owned store in India due to FDI policies. Exclusive store has its own advantages and disadvantages; in future we might have our own exclusive store. In fact, we have exclusive stores various countries including Singapore, Japan etc. As of now, we would continue to sell via multi brand outlets in India.

How to decide on product placement from entire range is decided as far as different Indian market concerned? Also, shed light on your marketing strategy for new range?

We have a range of Instax( at least two or three model)  at majority of shops where we are present. However, as far as digital cameras are concerned we would be targetting very specific premium photo outlets. In such stores we would be doing a lot of activities like branding, product demos etc as far as marketing is concerned.  

Any plans to rope in celebrity?

The key thing for us is to pull the engagement with the customers. Our entire focus will be on below the line activities (BTL). Once we cross the set target in terms of sales vis BTL activities then we will definitely explore ATL activities including celebrity endorsements. So, instead of spend money on single channel; we like to involve many icons in different way, for example, bloggers association is one such effort in that regard. Now, we are also focusing on retail expansion. It could be a good revenue stream for retailers as well.

Is the new launched range is also introduced online?

Online has become preferred medium as so many customers present there. In fact, social media is the place where we get lot of traction for our product line. In fact, 50% of our sale is generated via online channel. As of now, we are present only via market places; although we are process of launching exclusive webstore of Fujifilms very shortly.

Any comments on the market share of Fujifilm in overall market?

The figures could be deceptive as we are not just into photo imagining segement, let’s take the example of Intax there is absolutely no competition, so it is like 100% market share, and we are just entering the digital camera space. We have a staggering market share of 40% as far as digital radiography is concerned and as far as computed radiography is concerned our share stands at 50%. Also, Fujifils holds 35% market share in the wide format UV printing segment.    

At last, any comments on growth plans?

Internationally, our consolidated revenue stands at $21.1 billion.  However, in Indian market we have the turnover of around 1000 cr. We plan to register double digit growth.  












Yasunobu Nishiyama