How Kapiva is Revolutionizing Ayurveda with Technology and Quality
How Kapiva is Revolutionizing Ayurveda with Technology and Quality

Incorporated in 2016 and commencing operations in 2018 as a digital Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brand, Kapiva is a homegrown Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Ayurvedic nutrition brand. In its quest to address the twin challenges of discoverability and desired outcomes, Kapiva has set its sights on delivering the highest quality Ayurvedic products to usher in a healthier future.

Kapiva recently announced a revamp of its founding team, elevating COO Shantanu and CRO Anuj Sharma to the position of Co-Founders. This move reflects their commitment to unlocking the vast potential within the Ayurveda and wellness industry. Shantanu will focus on building the brand strategically and curating science-backed products, while Anuj will spearhead the integration of technology to deliver holistic health outcomes seamlessly.

Ameve Sharma, Co-Founder of Kapiva, explained their vision, saying, "With discoverability, we wanted customers to find the right products for the right problems, and with outcomes, we wanted to help our customers post-purchase to achieve the health outcome they want."

The Ayurvedic Legacy

Coming from a family with a 105-year-old Ayurvedic heritage, Ameve Sharma deeply believes in the significance of Ayurveda in his lifestyle, diet, and overall well-being. The inspiration behind launching Kapiva was to offer a holistic solution that brings the true essence of Ayurveda to the forefront, addressing the gaps they observed in the current landscape.

Ameve emphasized the growing relevance of Ayurveda in today's world, saying, "Today, we live in a world where pollution is increasing day by day, and the quality of food is decreasing, making Ayurveda more relevant than ever in helping customers solve their lifestyle problems."

Empowering New User Behavior

Kapiva initially started with an ingestible range of products, catering to the nutritional needs of their customers. In 2022, they expanded their offerings to include skin and hair care products. Ameve highlighted its commitment to offering products that stand out from the crowd and make a meaningful impact.

Kapiva places a strong emphasis on educating its customers. They firmly believe that an informed customer is more likely to make the right choices. Their goal is to educate their audience about Ayurveda, its principles, benefits, and usage, ensuring customers make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

A Leader in the Industry

Kapiva has solidified its position as the largest alternative medicine brand in India. With a strong presence on platforms like Amazon and Google, they have over 35 best-selling products. The brand serves as a consultation platform, conducting more than 80,000 consultations each month, and providing customized recommendations to their audience.

Their Direct-to-Consumer platform constitutes a significant portion of their revenue, enabling personalized experiences. However, Kapiva is now planning to extend this customization to a broader marketplace.

Ameve Sharma pointed out that while Ayurveda is approximately a $3.3 billion industry, Kapiva is part of a more extensive market encompassing Ayurveda, natural beauty, personal care, and functional food. This positions their brand within a $10 billion market. Kapiva's impressive one-year retention rate of 70-80 percent underscores its success in retaining its customer base.

The Intersection of Technology and Ayurveda

Kapiva has embraced technology wholeheartedly. With an in-house tech team and a recently launched app, they efficiently integrate technology into their operations. This technology-driven approach addresses their twin goals of discoverability and guiding customers to achieve desired outcomes.

Ameve Sharma explained, "Technology plays a huge role in helping the customer find what they need in the right way. We have personalized quizzes and AI-based algorithms for product recommendations, as well as customized lifestyle and diet recommendations for each customer." Kapiva also offers AI-based post-purchase recommendations through their "four-balance program," which includes product, diet, lifestyle, and consultation suggestions.

Future Endeavors

Kapiva's ambitious plans include introducing AI-based Ayurvedic diet plans customized for each customer. They also intend to roll out "four-balance programs" for skin, hair, and other categories. Expanding into international markets and focusing on educating their audience through marketing are top priorities. Kapiva is particularly optimistic about the growth potential in the US market, aiming to bring modern Ayurvedic products to households worldwide.

Over the past three years, Kapiva has experienced a remarkable 7.5 times growth and anticipates that its entry into the US market will further fuel this expansion. The brand aspires to achieve a combined revenue of Rs 600 crore in the next three years. Kapiva's diverse product range encompasses skincare, haircare, lifestyle supplements, and weight-loss solutions.

With aspirations to grow fivefold and become a household name within the next three to five years, Kapiva is committed to providing better health outcomes to its customer base, which includes 281 million Indian households.

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