How This Baby Care Brand Is Clocking 70 pc Revenue Growth YoY Relying Upon Affordable Pricing?
How This Baby Care Brand Is Clocking 70 pc Revenue Growth YoY Relying Upon Affordable Pricing?

The baby care industry has created a lot of buzz recently with many start-ups interested in entering the category. This may be particularly because the consumers are now educated and aware of the harmful impacts of using the commoditized mass-market products or simply because they were not happy with the products available in the market. So the market demand for alternative baby care solutions has opened a lot of possibilities for innovation in this industry. 

Since 2016, numerous baby care brands have come about which has become hugely popular in the post-pandemic period. Babies Bloom Stores, Cubs and Calves, Diaper to Home, Earthbaby, Little Muffet, Little Tags, Mamaearth, The Mumum Co., and Mom & World are some of the major ones. The market in India is expected to grow by $ 26.35 billion, at a CAGR of 11.11 percent, from 2020 to 2025. 

“The constant evolution, scientific research, and new product discovery in the industry bring immense competition in this modern era, and in such cases, success is a result of nothing but the company's retail and marketing strategies. Mom & World has always given more consideration in focusing on R&D, new product innovation, result, and experience-oriented formulations,” said Sahil Mehta, Founder, Mom & World.

Right Pricing and Product Quality 

The two aspects that have led Mehta (and also many other entrepreneurs in the category) to get into his venture are the 'low product quality' and 'high pricing' of the mass market products available in the market. 

Mehta shared, “I was highly taken away by international baby care brands but most of them were neither nature-based nor had herbal formulations and hence I wanted to introduce the Indian market to natural goodness enriched baby care products. The predominant thing that took me by surprise was the price at which these products were trotted out. This is what inspired me to catapult my product line commanding all the luxuries offered internationally, but at much lower prices for the mothers and their babies."

Thus, the brand strongly believes in playing the price game and as such, the brand has a wide range of products at affordable prices, the company stated. Consequently, its retail strategies have helped the brand witness 70 percent revenue growth YoY over the last three years since its inception. 

In terms of the product quality, and how it is different from other players, Mehta stated, “Yes, this is an avowed fact that we are a dermatologically tested, research-backed, PETA certified and vegan brand to the core and this certainly makes our homegrown brand avant-garde and outshine the competitors. However, many other brands are offering similar certifications in their baby products. The methodologies and preparations of each of our products make it unique in every sense.” 

Technology as an Enabler

In this era of digitization, every business relies on technology in either big or small ways. As technology is blossoming with each passing day, businesses have a predominant need to assimilate some form of technology. Also, given the sector has many legacy players who already have a large enough market cap, to compete head-on, the start-ups need to rely upon technological advancements to get an edge. 

"There are several elements that technology has transformed for the better and assisted me in the business growth. The allowable role of technology helped amplify the adaptations of systems, products, and services. It also helped me routeway the streamline processes, cultivate data flow, and manage records. Forsooth, this also assisted me in marking up efficiency in the process while reducing costs as well as accrediting the business to grow fleetly," Mehta stated. 

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