Samyukta Nair: The Third Generation Entrepreneur Making a Difference
Samyukta Nair: The Third Generation Entrepreneur Making a Difference

What did your first venture (Dandelion) teach you as an entrepreneur?

I’ve always enjoyed design and I am fascinated by India and Dandelion helps further my love for both by allowing me to explore my creative sensibilities while teaching me so much more about our culture and people that I didn’t inherently understand having partially grown up abroad. More so, as we slowly grow the brand out of sleep into loungewear and Dandelion LIVING it makes me strive to think differently, which I greatly enjoy.

Which business of yours is the most outside your comfort zone?

My fashion enterprise is something that keeps me on my toes. I learn something new all the time and it’s exciting to be able to have an influence like this that I can constantly draw inspiration from and take to my other ventures.

Define yourself as an entrepreneur?

I don’t think of myself as someone who's bound by definition and the beauty of evolution is to constantly aim at outgrowing the mould created to define us not as an entrepreneur but also as a human being.

What made you collab with Param for the loungewear, Hurrah Hindustan? What unites you two?

In a time where we all are taking a moment and looking inward, at Dandelion we wanted to create a collection of easy contemporary styles that helped brighten our spirits while we stayed indoors and looked within. Drawing from our mutual love and pride for India Param Sahib seemed like the perfect match for this as he enabled me to explore a new aesthetic that celebrates individualism and helps us transition from sleepwear to daywear with ease.

You also have Jamavar’s women club. What was the idea behind setting up the Women’s Club at Jamavar? Do you think businesses should use women-only concepts for meetings and conferences? 

The Women’s Club at Jamavar was set up, as an antidote to the men’s club that Mayfair is filled with, so that inspiring women can come together and share stories of their successes, failures and everything in between in a safe space that encourages a dialogue. I don’t believe one necessarily needs to have women-only meetings and conferences but I do think it’s healthy to have a forum where women can meet like-minded individuals that they can share with and learn from.

Between Bombay Bustle, Jamavar and Dandelion, which one requires most of your attention and time?

My restaurants in London are my ultimate passion as I understand the world of hospitality a lot easier inherently and have deliberately chosen to build my ventures to be the kind of places that I would like to visit and dine at. With us looking to expand further into this market, with a foray into other world cuisines, it will see me spend a lot more time in London.

Name a few women you are inspired by?

I am very inspired by my mother, Madhu Nair and have been really blessed to be surrounded by a strong set of girlfriends who I look to for my everyday inspiration.

Which Indian brands should be on our radar?

I love Saaksha & Kinni for their incredible ability to draw from Indian craft and MISHO for jewellery.

Which 3 items you never travel without?

I think this has changed given the pandemic but prior to this, it would have been my mobile phone, AirPods and charger.

What are your further expansion plans? What’s next on your cards?

I am really looking forward to going back to London as we are in the midst of tabling our first non-Indian restaurant in Mayfair that should look to open doors by the middle of the year.

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