Aavantam offers exclusive European apparel

In an interaction with Retailer Media, Payal Kothari, Founder, Aavantam, explains that the reason to start the brand was to bring exclusivity in fashion that is not offered by a high-street brand and availability of the trendiest fashion from the world.

Who is your target consumer and what consumer area/sensitivities does your brand stand for?

Our generic target consumer is anybody who is seeking and appreciates trendy fashion. It can be anyone looking for attire from work to party. What is unique about our collection is that it can be styled for work, a casual lunch and even an evening outing with friends. High-street brands established in India, work well because they are trendy, but there is another segment that might not buy from these high-street brands because they think it’s not exclusive enough. We have the best of collections, but we make sure we offer only a few of every style at our store to maintain exclusivity that people want. Aavantam means ’Welcoming of good things’ and keeping that in mind we strive to present new collections as frequently as possible.

What are the price points your brand ranges in?

Our price points vary from 1500 to 8000 depending on the products. Where accessories range in the 1500 bracket, the apparels start from 2000 going up to around 8000.

There exist many players in this segment, what’s your strategy to beat the existing competition?

 What makes our brand different is that it is exclusive and all apparels are made in Europe. They are trendy and in sync with what the European markets offer. Apart from that, we have one day guaranteed delivery to all major cities of India.

Keeping in mind the growing customer preferences, what’s your Omni-channel strategy? Do you sell through own ecommerce or through marketplaces and which ones?

We have our own setup. Currently, we stock our own goods and sell it through our own portal. It gives us an edge to make sure the orders are delivered in a day’s time.

What’s your expansion plan? Will the investment be done through internal accruals or external funding?

We have just recently launched the brand portal. Now, we have even got permission to sell overseas, which means the world is our potential customer. More than targeting locations, we are trying to target a set of people with similar interests like us. Investments currently are done only by our group companies and personal investments. We will consider external funding as and when the opportunity arises.

Payal Kothari