How this bootstrap is disrupting the fitness nutrition scenario?
How this bootstrap is disrupting the fitness nutrition scenario?

SCITRON is an Indian nutrition brand with a strong focus and passion for innovation. The brand focuses on to cater to Fitness Enthusiasts, Sportsperson, Athletes, Bodybuilders, and more. The focus falls under the age group of 18 to 50 years. In an exclusive conversation Ravi Mohanlal Rohra, Chief Operating Officer at Scitron sheds light on growth strategy of this start-up. 

There is a shift towards organic, sustainable products due to evolved habits and changing lifestyles. How does your product fit in that category?

Our products use a wide variety of ingredients. We intend to use everything premium in our products and sometimes using Organic/ sustainable is not an option. In those scenarios, we are using the best available option.

Kindly highlight the USPs of the startup?

Our unique value proposition is to use Science and Research in everything we create. In addition, we try to use technological innovations in ingredients and delivery profiles of our products. Our use of Vegan BCAA’s which are fermented in a lab rather than sourced from Animal bones or skins is one such attempt at using technological innovation in our products.

Are you bootstrap or raised any funds so far?

Scitron Nutrition is using its own funds for the venture. There are no external investors. Our goals are to expand our product range so we can provide solutions to our customers in those product categories.

Any plans to venture into B2B space either by partnering with any gym or fitness studio?

We are always looking to partner with any venture that deals. We see this not just with Fitness including Gyms, Studios but also with Sports centres, academies, schools, etc.

Who do you see as your competition within the same space?

There are many companies that have occupied category positions in this industry. Some of the names like Optimum Nutrition, Muscletech, and Muscle Blaze are such companies that we go after. On a price to value comparison across the products, we have a strong belief that we deliver better value than these competitors and will continue to us technological innovations in all our products.


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