MamaEarth intends to be 100 Cr company over next 3 years

In an exclusive conversation Varun Alagh & Ghazal Alagh Co-Founders MamaEarth talks about vegan becoming upcoming trend in baby care market
MamaEarth intends to be 100 Cr company over next 3 years

How do you see baby care market evolving in India. Kindly share few numbers to quantify the same? Also, what would be the tentative market size of organic products in baby care category? Kindly state few numbers to quantify the same?

 Baby care market is growing at 17% CAGR and will continue this strong growth since penetration is still very low. Organic & Natural products is less than 5% of the market today but gaining ground quickly. With growing disposable incomes and lesser number of children per family both time and money available per child will continue to rise. 

What kind of distribution is planned for MamaEarth in online and offline space. Going forward what are the plans to scale up the distribution? Also how do you ensure safe delivery of your products? Also shed light on your return policy?

We intend to continue scaling up with online platforms and build strong offline presence over next few years. We ensure we shrink wrap each product followed by bubble wrapping the same to ensure safe delivery. Anyone who doesn’t like the products can return them to us.

MamEarth has recently acquired series A funding. How the raised funds are being utilized? are you still scouting more funds?

Team building, R&D & marketing is where we are spending. 

Companies such as J&J are market leaders in baby acre segment. Do you see them as your competition?

Yes they are a large competition but we are building our own niche. 

What are retailing challenges in this category?

 Driving discovery for the brand in offline is a key retailing challenge

At last, kindly highlight your growth plans? 

We intend to become a 100 Cr toppling company over next 3 years.



Varun Alagh & Ghazal Alagh