Our approach has always been customer-first and doing the right thing for the customer: Keshav Bansal

In conversation with Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies, who talks about his brand's experience centre and how technology is transforming customer's mindset.
Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies

From remembering to recording the purchase history of customers and providing an experience that makes them feel welcome, DecoVeco is changing the way shoppers feel at an experience store. At their flagship experience centre, the strong confluence of design and technology will start a new home furnishing journey for its customers, tells Intex Technologies director Keshav Bansal in a conversation with India Retailer.

Tell us about DecoVeco's flagship experience centres.
Decoveco's flagship experience center is one of the finest centers ranging in Home and office category. Our approach has always been customer-first and doing the right thing for the customer. We operate with a strong confluence of design and technology in our experience centers. Starting from home furnishing where we have a very fine range in letharite and fabric sofas, shesham beds and dining tables or for kitchens where we deal in hafelle/hettich hardware fittings and with different trendy finishes like Acrylic as well as PU, customers experience the beautiful homes we’ve always promised, first-hand at the experience center.

What can customers expect with 'Power of Personalization' concept at the stores?
In today’s scenario the way that customers interact with organizers has changed a lot and their expectations have grown a lot. Personalization is a key aspect of promoting sales today. At our stores we remember and record their purchasing history and provide an experience that makes them feel welcome and noticed even if they’ve only minimally interacted with the brand. Many shoppers can find everything they need in an online environment.

What sort of technology-based innovations can we expect at DecoVeco in future?
We have developed standards for incorporating Green Technology in our Furniture Manufacturing which is very popular and is currently being used in American & European Nations. The visitors can already find state of art products based on this green technology at our Deco Veco Store. We aim at giving our customers a glimpse into just how energy efficient and ecologically friendly our products are.

What marketing strategies are being planned out to scale up?
Essentially what makes the company stand out in this line of business is the focus on quality and innovation. Our furniture designs are contemporary and stylish but the customers want more.We as a company believe that Visual is key, hence we will be focusing highly on digital marketing.; which will help us reinforce the quality and visual appeal of our products. Digital Media also gives us an added advantage of targeting the customer as per their social media profile including likes and dislikes, socio economic status, etc.

What are the latest trends in tech-based interior solutions?
We’ve come a long way from flipping through endless paint and fabric swatches in a showroom. 3D printing, virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT) have just recently began to appear in India, but they’re going to be making an incredible impact. 3D printers will be able to create car parts and prosthetics. They will also be able to build an entire house. VR and AR will soon play a critical role in helping people make better decisions in regards to interior design and online shopping. The tech tools will help consumers choose big-ticket items, allowing them to see how all the elements will fit into their homes without having to purchase them. IoT will encompass a wide range of in-home capabilities. From thermostats to lightbulbs, ordinary objects have been given serious upgrades with IoT technology. And widespread adoption of this technology will lead to substantial energy savings.

What are your expansion plans?
Considering we just started last year, we have a long way to go. But this year has been good. We welcomed thousand of visitors to our stores. Going forward we plan to add some new innovative product lines to the existing ones. As of now we have one store in Delhi, we plan expand to other cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bhopal for new customer markets. We are aggressively looking at the expansion of Deco Veco as it is reasonably contributing towards the overall growth of Intex Technologies. 

Keshav Bansal