We guarantee to offer best price in the international online market along with superior product quality and customer services: Abhishek Agarwal

In conversation with Abhishek Agarwal, CEO and Founder, Globepanda, who talks about the features that make his brand unique amid the competition.
Abhishek Agarwal, , CEO and Founder, Globepanda

Facilitating easy order placing and acquisition, Globepanda is offering a wide variety of international goods at a very reasonable price. Abhishek Agarwal, CEO and Founder, Globepanda, elaborates to Zarafshan Shiraz, what makes his portal India's leading cross-border e-commerce platform that provides easy access to international products and hassle-free payment options along with fast shipping

When and how was the idea behind this incepted?
I was very fond of international products that were not available in India or available on foreign websites at a very cheap price. There were many attractive products which I did not see on any of the Indian e-commerce sites. I ordered products but I faced some issue with these foreign websites like difficulties while making the payment as they accepted only international credit cards, receiving my delivery after 2 months by when I had even forgotten about placing the order. Sometimes I got a call from customs officials to come to customs office for verifications which was a hectic task. The return cost of sending the product was higher than the purchase price. For express shipping, they charged the shipping cost almost equal to 2-3 times of the cost of the product.

I thought of overcoming all these problems by providing a platform to the Indian consumers where they need not face any of the above issues. I had an experience of 9 years in Indian e-commerce operations and we managed to successfully launch the platform in 2016. We are the only cross-border supplier in India to provide relief from all the issues.

What makes you India’s leading cross-border e-commerce platform that sets you apart from your competitors?
There are a few factors which make us the leading cross-border e-commerce platform among our competitors. With us, customers shop for imported products and check out with Indian currency. They get a fair opportunity to pay in Indian rupees for International products either through debit/credit card, e-wallet, PayTM, net banking or cash on delivery. Nowhere else will you find an international product sold in Indian currency. We guarantee to offer you the best price in the international online market along with the superior product quality and customer services. We deliver products to the customers at their doorsteps free of shipping cost and at the earliest delivery time. Eradicating the communication barrier for consumers, we have set up Indian Customer Support for effective and easy communication. One can get their queries resolved in one’s own language on our toll-free number. People looking to start a business with the most innovative products can try our free sample on bulk orders and enjoy added benefits of bulk discounts, rewards, door to door delivery and GST. Our easy return policy helps our customers to return their product via free reverse pick up, arranged by us. We also guarantee 100% money back for the returned product within 15 working days of receiving the product back.

Tell us about the innovative services that you’ve introduced in the business recently.
We have wish-a-product feature where customers can wish a product which she/he is not able to find on any of the e-commerce sites. We source the product in 24 hours and provide it to the customer at the cheapest cost. Moreover, when you shop on Globe Panda, you earn panda cents which can be redeemed the next time you shop with us for discounts and amazing deals.

What is the key feature of your website?
The key feature of our website is that customers are offered a no minimum order quantity option as they can purchase international products at factory prices.

How do you ensure continuous traffic (and repetitive one) on your portal?
Our excellent customer service representatives look after the website’s health and keenly follow up on orders to ensure repetitive traffic. For continuous traffic, our team markets heavily on Facebook to generate abuzz among buyers.

What are your scaling up plans?
We are exploring B2B opportunities in India. We are projecting 10,000 orders per day by the end of 2019 and adding more categories like clothing, footwear, mobiles, and furniture to our portfolio while expanding our team for better customer support. We are generating a good amount of revenue with a small team and small marketing budget as we believe we can reap higher benefits with aggressive marketing. We are shipping worldwide but we are focused currently on Indian market as it has a wide scope. After successfully setting up our footprints in India we will move to grow in the South-East Asian market. Moreover, we aim to blaze a trail for a huge influx of international products in Indian households. Our vision is to be the leading cross-border e-commerce website across the $157 billion worldwide cross-border market by end of 2025. Cross-Border is growing at a growth rate of 17%. Due to many cross-border barriers entry of competitors is very less which is ideal for our company.


Abhishek Agarwal