How Fix My Curls Is Using Digital Marketing Tools to Build a Strong Community
How Fix My Curls Is Using Digital Marketing Tools to Build a Strong Community

Noodles, poodles, unruly, indisciplined, and whatnot! Curly hair largely falls in the category of ‘not-the-ideal-hair-type’ even when 60 percent of the world population claims to have curly/wavy hair. Straight is easy and manageable and which is why a preference for most girls and women or at least that’s what most people idealize. However, curly hair looks great and can be manageable too with hair care products that make curly hair easily manageable to flaunt guilt-free.

Brands like Fix My Curls is making waves for the right reasons - on the beauty/ haircare products racks and beautiful minds. Spearheaded by Anshita Mehrotra, who decided to build Fix My Curls after the giant Google came up with empty/unsatisfactory results when she was searching for affordable everyday hair care products that catered specifically for not-so-straight body features. 

She could have just added a few accessories into her dressing wardrobe, like a straightener and a lot of oils, shampoos, and conditioners from the market which are expensive and barely care for curly hair types, or just buy products that are meant for straight hair or just get ragged by her fellow peers or head to a salon more number of times to undergo temporary and probably harmful chemical treatments like smoothening and straightening.

But, she digressed for a better reason and for a community at large to flaunt the natural hair texture and make waves, because you own it!

“Fix My Curls offers a hair care range that is specifically targeted for manes that are anything but straight like slightly curly, wavy to very richly curly hair textures. A venture that started in 2019, today boasts of a close-knit community of people who don’t complain, but flaunt their curly/wavy textured hair - simply embracing every feature that they were born with, instead of ‘treating’ it,” stated Anshita Mehrotra, Founder, and CEO, Fix My Curls.

Building a Strong Community

What sets the brand apart is its community-building aspect. The brand doesn’t aim to be just a product-centric brand, it wants to build a community of people who embrace their hair! 

“Not only this, but we want to be the one-stop brand for anyone with curly/wavy or textured hair in India. We not only provide our customers with in-depth free consultations, access to a haircare quiz, accessories for their curls, and a 10-product range with 3 sizes, unlike any other brand currently in our niche. We practice community building through affiliate marketing, building relationships with our influencers, and taking consistent feedback from customers for every product we launch,” she asserted. 

Betting Big on Marketplaces

The online retail strategy of the brand is a mix of performance marketing + influencer marketing + affiliate marketing. All of these depend on the kind of campaign it runs, how long it’ll run for, and the outcome the brand expects. Some campaigns derive brand awareness whereas others derive direct revenue.

“D2C is great, and we gather good data with it, however, marketplaces like Amazon still remain our bread and butter, especially during slower quarters, this is simply because our CAC on platforms like Amazon are lower due to the organic massive footfall,” she explained.

Digital Marketing: Paving the Way Ahead

The focus of the brand digitally is to do an acute mix of performance marketing and organic word-of-mouth outreach through grassroots influencers that have high engagement even with a lower following. This mix works best to capture customers at the top of its funnel and make sure they reach the end stage where they learn about the product and why buying it is good for their hair. 

“We use Amazon as our price monitor marketplace as we can compare ourselves to competitors all over India that are in the same or similar market. Our pricing goes anywhere from Rs 250 for one small tube to Rs 4,000 for a bigger pack of 5! The response is best from the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. We know this is because the majority of curly hair is down south in more humid climates,” she stated. 

Future Plans

Fix My Curls closed FY 20-21 at Rs 1.2 crore and FY 21-22 at Rs 7.2 crore. This growth came from spreading the brand’s reach in domestic marketplaces to 14 in total. It grew its outreach from the group up, using affiliate marketing as a cheaper method to build influencer relationships. The brand also distributes to 8 countries outside India regularly. 
“Going ahead, we plan to expand into salons, as well as more international marketplaces in the second half of FY 22-23 once the busy festive season passes,” she concluded. 

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