Why Home Furnishings Platform Vaaree is Betting Big on Factory-to-Home Model
Why Home Furnishings Platform Vaaree is Betting Big on Factory-to-Home Model

Founded by Garima Luthra and Pranav Arora, Vaaree is a curated marketplace for home furnishings. Following a factory-to-home model, this platform focuses on connecting high-quality local manufacturers and artisans, with the end consumer.  

Vaaree went live in April 2022 and has since been growing and building its customer base. “Our journey has been exciting, for the last 4 months, we have been growing at almost 50 percent month on month. With great feedback from our customers, we have grown from having just a couple of SKUs to about two thousand,” said Garima Luthra, Founder, and CEO, Vaaree.

With the initial idea to help customers find quality products, the founders came across an existing gap in the industry, where they either find premium brands and aesthetics or they buy from mass production platforms. Therefore, working directly with manufacturers allows Vaaree to provide quality products for its customers at a genuine price point.

This platform was started by introducing products in the bedroom and living room categories and now has expanded into the kitchen, dining, and home décor at large. 

“We will be expanding all of these categories into multiple sub-categories. With curtains, home décor, small accent pieces, mirrors, and much more, we plan on adding bed sheets, comforters, and more to our portfolio in newer designs,” added Luthra.

The brand started by introducing products in the bedroom and living room categories and now has expanded into the kitchen, dining, and home décor at large.

New Design Every 60 Days

“We have a dedicated tab on the website and a banner talking about our newest additions. One can always find something new that comes up that week across categories. This gives our consumers something new whenever they visit our website,” said Garima Luthra.

The platform launches a new collection in less than 60 days, adding something new every week to its website. Beyond that, Varee focuses on logistics and supply chain efficiencies promising timely deliveries along with a generous return policy and promises to deliver within 5 to 7 days and has achieved 100 percent deliveries within the said time frame.

Sourcing and Quality Check

Vaaree focuses on soft furnishings and tableware but where Vaaree intends to be associated with anything home-related. Working directly with ethical manufacturers and having quality control processes in place, helps Vaaree determine the product quality. The platform follows an extensive checklist for quality which is followed to onboard a manufacturer. Thus sourcing every product from vetted and certified manufacturers across the country.

Technology and Vaaree 

"Technology enables us to achieve a better customer experience, currently, we have curators who help customers via chat. They enable the customers to decide what will match and what won’t," said Luthra.

This in turn helps Vaaree understand what one is looking for and recommends similar products. Moreover, the platform plans to bring options for both sellers and customers on the platform, allowing them to curate a collection for themselves. 

“The sellers can put up a customized collection for potential customers looking for curated offerings. Similarly, the buyers can build a collection of their choice by curating selections across segments offered by all sellers,” added Luthra. 

Market and Growth

Currently witnessing a 50 percent month-on-month growth, Vaaree is a completely online platform having no offline presence. Being a D2C platform, it efficiently eliminates the middlemen, delivering products at genuine prices. 

“We partner with many end manufacturers to come aboard and sell via our platform, which is otherwise difficult for them because there are a lot of processes involved such as cataloging, packaging, and more assisting them in the process,” said Garima Luthra.

Future Plans

According to the founder, Vaaree looks forward to having offline experiential stores, however, at the moment they plan to be an online store, at least for the next 18 months. 

“We want to ensure that Vaaree is the one-stop shop for everything home. Today we started with soft furnishing and tableware; tomorrow it should have everything that you need, right from the tile to flooring, anything, and everything that you need. That’s the kind of market space we are after, we are here to offer a lifestyle” concluded Garima Luthra. 

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