How Omnichannel Premium Beauty Destination Boddess is Integrating Technology to Offer Personalized Experience

In today's time, virtual try-on technology has been revolutionary in the commercial beauty market and Boddess has left no stone unturned in inculcating this notion of digitization.
How Omnichannel Premium Beauty Destination Boddess is Integrating Technology to Offer Personalized Experience
Ritika Sharma

Boddess was launched in 2020 by Ritika Sharma, Founder, and CEO, House of Beauty to challenge how we think about beauty retail and personalized experiences through technology, experts, and in-house services.

Few months after launching Boddess online, the brand went live with its mobile app with an aspiration to make technology more accessible to the consumers and easier to use on a phone. 

“Since the launch, we have added international brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Juice Beauty, and Estee Lauder to our extensive portfolio. Boddess is beyond selling a brand on the platform and purposefully focused on building a community of empowered women and men. As the brand continues to reach heights with the overwhelming support of its customers, we at aim at expanding our sphere in the future and going beyond traditional beauty selling to create genuine value in the lives of people,” Ritika Sharma, Founder, and CEO, House asserts.

Marketing Strategy's aim is to democratize premium beauty in an honest and approachable way. With an aspiration to be more than just a shopping destination, it has always been a brand that stood strong as a community to empower women and become a platform for expression and inspiration. 

“To stand strong on our ideologies, we have onboarded Bhumi Pednekar as the first brand ambassador and beauty collaborator for Boddess. The versatile and multi-faceted actress deeply resonates with our idea of empowering women and offering them a personalized and premium luxury experience. With the addition of Bhumi in the Boddess family, we aim to establish a strong connection with our existing audience but also get on board a new set of beauty enthusiasts and tech-savvy customers across the nation,” she states.

“To build on our ideologies and highlight how beauty has the power to transform and transcend the way one feels, Boddess in collaboration with brand ambassador Bhumi Pednekar has launched a campaign #IAmMany celebrates the idea of ‘Why Be One, When You Can Be Many’. The campaign is aimed at engaging with beauty & wellness enthusiasts and inspiring them to embrace diverse personas and celebrating them through beauty as a medium. The dynamic narrative of the film focuses on reminding society and women themselves that they can embody many roles at once, without having to apologize for it, and pushes back against it,” she further adds.

In parallel to this, the platform has achieved a diverse portfolio of over 75 brands and includes some of the most recognized and prestigious names in beauty such as Mac, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, and Clinique. Along with this, the brand has exclusively launched the celebrity skincare brand, Juice Beauty and many more in the pipeline. 

“So far, we have been holistic in our strategic endeavors and paving ways to layout plans gradually,” she adds.

Omnichannel: The Way Forward

In the past few years, there has been a rise in-person consultations and one-on-one advice is important to beauty customers. Starting from just an e-commerce platform, Boddess has grown its omnichannel strategy gradually. 

“By launching our mobile application last year to provide our customers with a more efficient user experience and by launching our new flagship stores, we are definitely spreading our reach. Along with this, we have Boddess’ first experiential beauty flagship store launching in the country in the pipeline this year. The stores have experience and service-based concepts with Dry Bars, Nail Bars, Smart Mirror, AR/ VR tools, and a true omnichannel experience with physical and digital integration, to help our customers discover exactly what works for them in the makeup and skincare space,” she says.

Integrating Technology

In today’s time, virtual try-on technology has been revolutionary in the commercial beauty market and Boddess has left no stone unturned in inculcating this notion of digitization. Especially in the pandemic period, an innovative approach like this is very well taken by the customers which earlier was still an unpopular concept in the world of beauty. 

“We have spent a significant amount of time building our machine learning database of skin types by associating with globally renowned experts in the field of beauty and skin wellness. Our commitment to offering personalized solutions to our consumers led us to develop our own augmented reality and virtual reality to bridge the digital and physical world, thereby transforming how the beauty industry is experienced. Boddess content model is like a preamble that educates the beauty enthusiasts seamlessly at home about healthy glowing skin and flawless make-up tricks while offering personalized product recommendations. Our algorithms are ever-evolving and get better every time a user utilizes the tool,” she avers.

“We all know the importance of technology in today’s world, catering to this need we have made investments in the ML-powered AR/ VR tech stack and introduced ‘Boddess Virtual Pro’ which provides the consumers with a virtual skin analyzer and virtual makeup tool. This will help customers to navigate solutions and seek recommendations for themselves while staying within the safety of their homes. With the help of make-up try-on, our customers can try on all kinds of products. Backed by consumer data sets, machine learning, and augmented reality tools, Boddess Virtual Pro helps diagnose skin issues faced by several consumers on their mobile phones. The whole idea of AR/ VR is well appreciated and utilized by the users as it gets more prevalent in the current scenario,” she further adds.

Boddess believes in the power of individuality and that everybody is unique in their own way. With the understanding of customer psychology, as a brand, it is determined to provide its customers with an enriched shopping experience. When it comes to yielding personalized experiences, Boddess along with its AR & VR tools ticks the box. 

“We have developed a unique buying experience that is tailored to different skin types, purchase history, and demographics. Our customers are also provided with online product recommendations that have been replaced by the traditional in-store retail consultations but we are not limited to an online platform, instead, we truly believe in the physical retail experience for which we are launching our flagship stores. All this makes it convenient for the customers to surf around the platform and choose from a variety of brands from the comfort of their house,” she asserts.

Future Plans

In a tenure of one year, Boddess successfully built a loyal customer base and now the aim is to reach out to a wider audience. It is expecting to register 300 percent revenue growth and 215 percent growth in visits to the site compared to FY 20-21. 

“We are also planning to enlarge our segment into men’s skincare and promote empowerment for all as men are also subjected to skincare and beauty,” she states.
After launching the experiential retail flagship store, the brand is planning to scale Boddess physical retail touchpoints in the next 3 years. 

“Experiential stores are rare in the country, and we are looking forward to changing the beauty retail game and disrupting the industry with experience-based stores. Boddess stores will power beauty experiences via technology, service, and unique digital interface. As for e-commerce, the platform has expanded and reached an audience across 15,000 pin codes since its inception and is expected to be serviceable pan India by the end of this year,” she states.

“In addition to this, we are also looking forward to launching many more exclusive international beauty and wellness brands in India and offering it to our customers. We aim at reaching out to a wider audience with our growing range of skincare and makeup coming on board. We aspire to bring about a change through the means of makeup by informing and educating the customers about the products which help them in decision making,” she adds.

Ritika Sharma