How Phab is Becoming a Healthier and Affordable Choice for Young India

With the focus on creating a balanced lifestyle, Phab creates products that are healthy, tasty, and affordable competing with other brands in the market in the same category.
How Phab is Becoming a Healthier and Affordable Choice for Young India
Ankit Chona

The present generation is indulging in exercising and taking a note of their daily calorie intake. While becoming health conscious, they are equally indulging in lip-smacking and healthy food. Getting healthy, delicious, and economical food is daunting in current times. However, Ankit Chona-led protein supplements and nutrition snack brand, Phab is trying to disrupt the market with its products.

With the focus on creating a balanced lifestyle, Phab creates products that are healthy, tasty, and affordable, in turn, competing with other brands in the market. Its offerings comprise ready-to-drink milkshakes, protein powders, protein and energy bars, and protein bombs. 

Offering Healthy and Economical Products 

Based on the company’s understanding of the Indian palette, its offerings are healthy and delicious. Besides this, affordability is another attribute that adds to the list. Its products are crafted by a team of scientists and chefs who are passionate about creating good quality snacks and beverages fortified with the choicest ingredients. 

“We are working to dispel myths about fitness, well-being, and the sacrifice of taste in the quest for nutrition,” Chona, Managing Director and Co-founder of Phab, said.

The company asserts to be working hard towards introducing newer products at affordable price points to produce cleaner, healthier alternatives to unhealthy snacking for Indian consumers. 

Augmenting Customers’ Experience

The brand keeps its approach simple and builds individualized propositions based on customer persona backed by insights derived from the garnered consumer data. It orchestrates personalized campaigns through paid, owned, and earned channels providing current, as well as prospective consumers, an ideal experience through their path to purchase across marketing funnels. 

“We constantly keep an eye on what our customers have to say about their experiences or voice concerns on issues concerning them. This is further used to enhance and make improvements in all aspects of product development and marketing, as and when needed,” Chona said sharing the brand’s strategy. 

Going by the brand’s omnichannel plan, it is gathering and consolidating data from relevant and available sources. Of late, it is working towards creating seamless customer experiences across offline and online channels. 

Serving Tier-II Cities and Beyond 

Indian consumers today are more aware than ever owing to the Internet access to the masses and growing health consciousness across different age groups. The brand is using the digital channel to understand consumers’ needs and cater to their demands.  

“We have realized that real consumption is happening in Tier-II cities in India. This is one of the primary reasons why we focus on the right, affordable pricing for all our products, and protein bombs and energy bars are great examples of that,” Chona added. 

While competing with other food brands, the company is striving towards introducing several new products at affordable prices, in addition to retaining its functional and premium product line. 

Thriving in the Race 

During its course, the two-year-old company was not jostled with the pandemic. Its product quality and loyal customer base helped withstand the storm. It asserts to have amazing customer retention rates that have resulted in 62 percent revenues on its website coming from repeat orders. 

“With phased relaxation of lockdown in 2021, we have gradually expanded to about 12 cities in India and grown 4X in terms of retail presence across major outlets such as Foodhall, Nature's Basket, 24Seven, Wellness Forever, Haiko, Modern Bazaar, Ratnadeep, Noble Plus, etc. and online presence across Amazon, Flipkart, 1mg, and Smytten, including its e-commerce platform,” Chona unveiled.  

According to the company’s official statement, its growth during the last quarter (Aug to Oct 2021) has been 3X year-on-year (over Aug to Oct 2020) and 40 percent over the last quarter (May to July 2021).

The company also intends to become a Rs 100 crore brand with a presence across 30,000 retail outlets across the country. It further stated that high customer retention rates on its website and Amazon re-affirm the faith its customers have put into it. 

Ankit Chona