Sirona challenging a taboo with innovative path-breaking products for women hygiene
Sirona challenging a taboo with innovative path-breaking products for women hygiene

Sirona is an award-winning product innovation brand committed to solving those Intimate and Menstrual Hygiene challenges for women, which are not adequately addressed in our country.

Formally incorporated in 2015 by Delhi-based entrepreneur Deep Bajaj (Founder), in an interview, he elaborated on how Sirona is an outcome of the numerous bad experiences women around them faced regarding fundamental intimate hygiene issues.

The company is widely famous for its products. It includes India's first portable, disposable, and highest-selling (2 million units sold) female urination device, PeeBuddy (using which women can Stand & Pee in unfriendly toilets), and Sirona Period Pain Relief Patches (India's First Herbal Feminine Pain Relief Patches). It is also the pioneer in advocating sustainable menstrual hygiene products like Sirona Menstrual Cups and has also addressed other Intimate & Menstrual Hygiene concerns.

It is rightly said, "Sell the problems you solve, not the products." Sirona has a solution starting from dirty toilets moved down to period pain, lack of sustainable menstrual hygiene products, and the rashes women get because of pads. Sirona operates in three broad categories of female intimate menstrual hygiene, i.e., toilet hygiene, Pee buddy, which is a female urination device with which it women can stand and pee, and toilet seat covers.

Sirona challenging a taboo with innovative path-breaking products for women hygiene

When we asked about the growth model of Sirona, Mr. Bajaj said, "Out of 25 products, ten are India's first of its kind. We have India's first herbal period, pain relief patches. Sirona menstrual cups are used among 300,000 women. The average order value of Sirona is around Rs 300. We have natural biodegradable colored pads, tampons, intimate natural wash, natural antiseptic rash cream for any rashes. We also have family hygiene products like natural mosquito repellant under Body Guard by Sirona as well as a reusable pollution mask."

The story behind the innovative idea

From ages, females face intimate health and menstrual issues. From this point of view, Sirona has made solutions for old problems instead of just selling the products. Sirona has a whole range of products.

Bajaj shares how it all started and what gave him the idea of startup Sirona. He said, "In 2013 on a road trip when my wife and I traveled with a couple together on Delhi-Jaipur highway. I could see how women were disturbed and extremely uncomfortable, not able to have water because of the unclean toilets were. So one of my the ladies suggested that she had seen someone in Europe stand and pee. Women find it difficult to maintain their basic hygiene needs during travel. And that's how it all started with one product initially and then going ahead with a range of products."

Millennial women consumer trend

It is rightly said, ‘Modern problems require a modern solution.’ The millennial women are more conscious as well as more solution-oriented about the issues they are facing. They are open to new solutions.

It has been a fascinating journey as customers today are more conscious about the issues they are facing. The journey has been magnificent and it is growing year by year.

Sirona challenging a taboo with innovative path-breaking products for women hygiene

Bajaj talks about the problems that are still prevalent when it comes to menstrual health. He says, "If they face any problem, then it is no more a taboo to try new things. That is a very welcoming trend as all of our products are habit-changing & path-breaking like, Pee buddy- women have to stand and pens. This solution needs a different kind of mindset. Earlier, there was a lot of hue and cry, but now Peebuddy has grown-up year after year. It is the same when it comes to menstrual cups. It is a unique product to try on, and currently, many women are involved in this. So, there are a limited set of problems with more willingness to test new solutions."

Business model

Sirona is now available at e-commerce platforms and in retail stores only in the Delhi NCR area. It is expected to get expanded to other parts as well. Some of its products have already been sold internationally.

Since the festive season is around the corner, Mr. Bajaj said about festive offers that, "Although festivals do not impact sales of Sirona much. However, we do create festive combos, hygiene hampers by looking at the female consumer base. We align new launches also on festive occasions." He also added, "We are working on adding different colored pads as we challenge why all sanitary pads are white, we can come up with black or pink pads that are biodegradable. We see ourselves in solving problems of women across the world."

Mr. Bajaj concludes on this note that hygiene needs to become much more critical than it was earlier. In that way, the pandemic has been good, at least in terms of starting a dialogue that "hygiene is very crucial." Sirona stands for its path-breaking products and challenges the conventional mindset for female hygiene standards.


This article is edited by Puneet Kapani.

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