Steering ahead!
Steering ahead!

With over 60 per cent market share in India, Raymond is today the largest integrated manufacturer of worsted fabric in the world. With a widespread network of 500 stores across India and with the launch of 50 plus TRS stores, Raymond completes 50 years of serving its customers. Aniruddh Deshmukh, President for Retail and FMCG share his perspectives

Neha Malhotra (NM): Tell us something about the origin, growth and success of ‘Raymond’?
Aniruddh Deshmukh (AD):
Raymond as a company started in 1925 as woolen and readymade garment industry. Specifically the first Raymond shop opened in 1959 in Mumbai. Raymond can be called as the ‘absolute leaders’ in the fabric industry as consumers have laid faith on us since the last 50 years and still we are growing stronger. We are known for our quality as we produce the best fabric and we continuously innovate on the products offered to the consumers.  

NM: Raymond recently announced the launch of 70 TRS across India. Can you brief us about the expansion plans?
We have been expanding significantly in the smaller towns in the last couple of years. This expansion is particularly in the class IV and class V towns where the population is below five lakh. There are 735 towns in India and we have marked out a plan to expand in these towns and it is an ongoing project for us.  

NM: Which are the cities that the expansion strategy is planned across?
We will be opening another 70 stores in smaller towns. In Punjab and Haryana the outlets will be opened in Sangrur, Rohtak, Karnal, Hisar, Ambala, etc and similarly the trend will carry across the country in states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, southern states etc.  

NM: What kind of an experience can the customers look forward to in these stores?
The stores in these towns which are about 1,000 sq. ft -1500 sq. ft will offer the very similar kind of an experience as any other store in other cities. The interiors will be similar however we will make the necessary changes according to the requirements of these towns. The product offering will be the best that is available in the market.  
NM: Raymond Ltd completes 50 years of serving its customers. How has the retail journey been for Raymond's all through these years? How has Raymond's evolved over the years?
We started exclusive store retailing in the year 1959 and complete 50 years this year. All over the world we have about 500 stores and within India we have a presence in more than 200 towns and cities and are still expanding. The getting into of exclusive brand stores has enabled us to provide enhanced customer experience. We have come closer to our customers as we are directly dealing with them and this also gives us the knowledge to offer better service to them. We have evolved over the years and now we are present in the lower price segment also.  

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