Rolling out effective technologies
Rolling out effective technologies

To strengthen its business capabilities in India and to expand its IT and networking businesses, NEC India introduces new solutions and services for a ubiquitous networking society, supported by Next Generation Network (NGN). David Arambhan, Country Head (Retail), NEC India, talks about his journey.

Neha Malhotra (NM): Can you brief us about NEC and its inception in India?

David Arambhan (DA): NEC is a Japanese MNC in IT and networking solutions and its inception can be traced almost 100 years back. We have been associated with India right from early 60’s onwards, in various capacities mainly in telecom and IT space and in 2006 we established NEC India as NEC Japan and NEC Asia subsidiary. Specific to retail, NEC has been a part of this sphere for about 30 odd years and servicing retail customers worldwide primarily in Japan, Asia-Pacific and US market.  

NM: What is the role of NEC in supplying technology solutions to Indian retail companies? In which areas of retail does NEC provide technology support?

DA: We expanded our retail business in India around one and a half years back focusing on bringing retail hardware and software solutions into the country. Our strategy in the first year of operation was to create a brand ‘NEC’ in the retail space by introducing our hardware solutions and thereby expanding to other software solutions that we have in our portfolio.  

NM: NEC India recently held a Two City Roadshow showcasing its range of retail technology solutions. Can you brief us about the technologies showcased and their benefits for Indian retailers?

DA: The primary focus of these road shows was to connect and expand our channel reach within the country as we introduced our point of sale for hardware. We also showcased our forth coming launch which is our twin POS coming up in April, 2010.  

NM: What challenges or problems can a retail company face in employing technologies for their business?

DA: The biggest challenge a retailer faces is to decide which technology will be suitable for his particular format. We obviously need to define the size and scope of a retailer.  If you look at big retailers, their scope of operations is very different as compared to that of a mom-and-pop store kind of a retailer. But the challenge would be the same for both as how to apply and use technology to enhance their business.  

NM: What support do you provide post the installation of technologies?

DA: We have set up a nation wide Authorised Service Partners (ASP) network which supports more than 200 installations across the country.  

NM: Who all are your clients in the retail sector?

DA: We have got around 30-35 customers and they are across the format of retail right from F&B, hospitality, fashion and lifestyle and fine dining as well.  

NM: What are the company's future plans? Can we look forward to more innovative technologies from NEC in the market?

DA: NEC would like to leverage its expertise in IT and networking combined to offer solutions to retailers across the board and primarily targeting the bottom of the pyramid retailers. So, we would be coming up with a fresh strategic push to target the SME retailers across the country. We are also looking forward to reach non-metro cities and towns.  


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