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Trends are something that is quite prevalent in the market. This interview section features the best interaction conducted with hard core retail people. Below mentioned will give a compete sense what retail trends are in these days.

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Amit Sharma
Regional movie releases to alter Entertainment industry

Amit Sharma, Miraj Cinemas

Miraj Cinemas – the 3-year old venture of the conglomerate, is now the fifth largest multiplex player in India, credits to releases of regional movies and the growing market in smaller cities, says Amit Sharma, Managing Director of Miraj Cinemas in an int

BY Gargi Bhardwaj  |  Nov 30, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Utkarsh Singh, Head- Business Development, Rajasthan Royals
License to sport

Utkarsh Singh, Head- Business Development, Rajasthan Royals, Rajasthan Royals

In the recent years, sports licensing has come across as a great business boom to the Indian retailers. Gone are those days where fans looked at foreign sports merchandise and wished for Indian ones. Utkarsh Singh, Head- Business Development for Rajasthan

BY Aparna Sharon Isa Dass  |  Dec 08, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Maninder Sethi, Director, Excelsior
Planning the Knot

Maninder Sethi, Director, Excelsior , Excelsior

Indian weddings and their lavishness is no secret. So it is no surprise that wedding expos are a big thing during the wedding season. Organising lifestyle shows like Wedding Asia, Wedding Asia-Royal Jewels and The Woman, Maninder Sethi, Director, Excelsio

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  Dec 03, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  | 

Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX
A delight to your senses

Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX , Inox

With the upcoming of INOX, watching movies is not just pleasurable to our eyes but also to our other four senses. This is because INOX has taken movie viewing experience to a new level. Alok Tandon, CEO, INOX Leisure Ltd speaks on how we can ‘live the mov

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  Nov 20, 2009  |  comments ( 7 )  | 

Karthik Nagarajan, AD,  Nielsen Online
Quantifying retail relevance

Karthik Nagarajan, AD, Nielsen Online, Nielsen

Conducting and sharing researches for the benefit of the retailing sector by market research agencies is proving beneficial to many retailers. Karthik Nagarajan, Associate Director – Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company, throws light on a few of the resear

BY Jasmeet Sahi  |  Nov 13, 2009  |  comments ( 0 )  |