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In a quality-driven conscious consumer environment, the post lockdown trend has seen consumers moving to packaged snacks as these are more hygienic and safer.
An analysis of GlobalData's Payment Instrument Analytics reveals that mobile wallet transactions in India were valued at Rs 384 bn in 2016.
Venu is an International Retail Leader with 27 years of rich and varied experience in the Retail & Apparel Industry across South Asia & Europe.
Through the e-catalogue, consumers will be able to browse the entire range of smartphones, wearables, televisions and other digital appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart ovens and sound devices.
'One India One Gold Rate' is an initiative offering uniform gold rate across all states in the country for 100% BIS hallmarked and responsible sourced gold without compromising on the quality and purity of gold.
A significant portion of consumers shopped based on seasonality with a number of purchases made keeping in mind the winter months at the end of the year.
Spread across more than 300 cities, this partnership will enable brands to showcase their available retail selection to near-by pincodes.
Vely Monkeys MKT has brought in four more amazing Korean beauty brands called Keep Cool, Goodal, Maskeraide, and Roseheart for the patrons in India.