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This expansion is a part of the brand's plan to launch 500 to 1000 similar stores (exclusive and franchisee-owned) across India in the next one year and 300 stores to be located in Bengaluru.
The 250-year-old legacy brand has a presence across personal fragrance categories, including deodorant sprays, Eau de colognes, and eau de toilette for both women and men.
Among several pet care startups and companies, in India, The PetNest stands apart due to its quest for transforming the pet care landscape by establishing an organized pet care market in the country.
With a mix of modernity and comfort, the flagship store lays out an inviting and contemporary environment for Melissa's community. The store design and architecture are done by Pipa Arquitetura e Design in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The range is a celebration of the universally flattering Pillow Talk world and includes the drop of five new products that will take you from day to dance floor in minutes!
Enter #ZymratOffline is an offline foray into catering and introducing Zymrat's patented technologies and curated products to fitness aficionados, allowing them to engage and experience the product in the most realistic way possible.
As part of this launch, Metro Brands will exclusively retail Biion footwear through their top strategic stores of Metro and Mochi and the e-commerce site that cater to this very niche consumer base.
In addition to its business expansion plans, NimbusPost is looking forward to hiring employees aggressively to streamline workflow across all teams including operations, technology, logistics, marketing, and customer support.
Pepe Jeans has been one of the country's most popular denim and lifestyle brands with over 250 standalone stores, 700 department store counters, 700-800 multi-brand counters, and a presence across all leading e-commerce platforms.
Shopsy has been growing at a steady pace and over the last six months, it has recorded a 2.7X increase in the units sold and a 4X spike in the monthly new customer base.