Audio books @Reado

Reado will retail audio books from over 200 stores.

A new website for audio books, dubbed as Reado, has been introduced at the World Book Fair. The website was launched by Think Ink Media Inc with 100-plus leading book titles, which have been converted into downloadable audio books.

The new website will retail its audio books from over 200 stores across India, including online retailing through and leading book stores like Crossword, Landmark, Reliance Time Out, Om Book Shop, Media Mart and WHSmith.

Reado`s CEO and Co-Founder, Sumit Suneja, said: "We believe the future of reading is listening. Therefore, in addition to the audio books on CDs, we are providing convenient direct digital downloads. We are providing a retail platform for not just our in-house productions but also to other external productions, starting with audio books by international audio book giants Gildan Media and Brilliance Audio."

The audio books are available in various formats like directly mobile phone downloads, MP3 downloads, iPad, iPhone, Android and other tablet devices, making listening easier.