Cbazaar App

First e-comm app to make it to the Windows 8 store.
Cbazaar, the e-commerce portal for Indian ethnic wear, has become the first e-comm app to make it to the Windows 8 store. The app witnessed a good number of downloads as an Indian brand within 24hours of its launch. It is user friendly, easy to navigate and the large tile adds more glamour, thus making it popular.
Commenting on the launch, Rajesh Nahar, CEO & Co-Founder, Cbazaar, said, “It was quite a challenging task to keep pace with the technology that allows us to venture into a whole new realm of handling apps. Furthermore, accomplishing this advancement at a break-neck speed marks a niche, and bridges the gap between the end user's demands and our capability to serve, technology-wise. We are expecting to witness a sea of change, an obvious result of this progress. At a foreseeable point in the future, we are prepared to give the best of what we have and the best of what is expected, with an intent that the former and latter share the same platform.”