Chateau d'Ax on expansion spree

The brand will open 3 new stores in North, North East and South India.

Chateau d’Ax has announced significant milestones for its India operations. In a sign of growing acceptance for its high-end superior quality products in the Indian market and to meet the diverse needs of the growing customer base in India, Chateau d’Ax has announced the opening of three new stores in North, North East and South India by the end of next financial year 2013–14, and is looking at also the franchise mode for opening of the stores.

The company today has 350 outlets across the globe and 3 outlets in India in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. With its competitive pricing structure, Chateau d’Ax commands rightful authority, pre-dominantly in the medium- and high-range market. Chateau d’Ax has prudently strategised all the necessary know how to pave its way through, to just about every segment of the market. 

According to Cledwyn Passanha, Country Head, Chateau d’Ax, “It is a moment of great pride and privilege for us to announce the news on our expansion in India. We promise to bring to our valued clients the finest shopping experience of the fullest range of Chateau d’Ax products duly facilitated by highly skilled sales and technical advisors. We are also having plans to open eight stores in next three years in various cities of India and are also looking forward for franchises in these areas.”

Chateau d'Ax is the brand for modern living, with variations to meet the latest trends in personal taste, from designer to romantic to new luxury; and after decades of experience and research, offers an exceedingly large range of products, all of the finest quality, but always within reach for ‘Made in Italy’ enthusiasts. Competition in India among foreign companies is growing with lots of prominent international brands venturing to India. And with the inclusion of recent policy allowing FDI in retail also boosts many to enter the country. Initial investment cost of setting up a Chateau d’Ax showroom of 5,000 square feet area is around Rs 1 crore.