Gifting made flexible

Shoppers Stop adds an element of flexibility to gift cards.

Shoppers Stop, in association with QwikCilver Solutions, offers its customers a gifting option. The Shoppers Stop Gift Card was launched by Neha Dhupia along with Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate and Managing Director, Shoppers Stop. The Shoppers Stop Gift Card is valid across Shoppers Stop, HomeStop and Mothercare outlets as well as on their online portal.

The Shoppers Stop Gift Card ensures that Shoppers Stop customers have the freedom and flexibility to indulge in their personal choices and preferences. The Shoppers Stop Gift Card can be loaded with a flexible value as desired by customers. It can also be redeemed for any value thus making the shopping experience easy and carefree.

Speaking on this occasion, Shrikhande said, “The gifting culture in India is a very deep-rooted and symbolic element in our relationships. With the numerous occasions and reasons to gift increasing, customers are often perplexed by what to gift. The Shoppers Stop Gift Card is aimed at making the gifting process as effortless as possible for our customers. They can load the Gift Card with a flexible value they desire. Conversely, they can also redeem the Gift Card for any value they wish to. The Gift Card can also be flexibly reloaded as many times as customers may desire. This makes the customers’ shopping experience hassle-free and enjoyable. We strongly believe that the Shoppers Stop Gift Card will transform the gifting experience for our customers.”