Godrej for a green future

Doing its best to ensure green India.

Godrej, one of the leading consumer electronic brands, has vowed to do its best to ensure that the future of the country is green. The company has launched Godrej Green Balance ACs, with the promise of 5-star efficiency, making it the most advanced technology available in the country. “We have a market share of 8 per cent in the country; the sector growth is 20 per cent, which during the last year, de-grew by 20 per cent due to a bad summer, escalating commodity prices and the economic slowdown,” informs George Menezes, Chief Operating Officer, Godrej Appliances. Godrej was the first manufacturer to bring in green fridge to the country in 2001. With an investment of Rs 25 crore, Menezes believes that these ACs will ensure savings of 23 per cent, which is more than that offered by any of the competitors. Godrej will be marketing itself across platforms like IPL, online, mobile and kiosk promotions.

Talking about the industry revenue ratio, Menezes shares that the institutional share contributes 15-20 per cent, while retail is still the pivotal point for the company. With more than 19,000 points of sale across the country and 2,000 direct dealerships present, the company plans to set up its own exclusive zones by next year. “We will open outlets (EBOs) based on the franchisee format and ensure that they are feasible operationally,” informs Menezes. Godrej expects the consumer division to grow at 25 per cent in 2012-13 and the EON segment is 30 per cent of the total Rs 2,000 crore company turnover.