M&M kickstarts the Green Revolution

Has distributed 6,00,000 saplings since 2008.


For the past five years, M&M has been providing customers with saplings to bring about a ‘green awareness’ and restore natural balance. Moreover, this initiative has seen customers thronging from all places to not only indulge in the sale but actually create a different connect with the brand!  

The responses from customers is overwhelming and that only makes the store to strive for the betterment of efforts. Customers have in fact shared their plants that are giving fruits which have been gifted to M&M as a token of appreciation and love.

Along with shopping, M&M urges you to join its campaign against global warming. With every purchase get a sapling free from our side and participate in this campaign started by M&M against global warming to help make a difference in the society today.

 “As part of our corporate social responsibility, we at M&M consciously make an effort to do our bit towards this cause to the best of our ability. Time and again we organise various events that spread awareness and encourage our customer’s to be more environment friendly. If enough of us get involved, we believe that a truly grass-roots movement will grow”, says Dinesh MA, Managing Director, M&M Stores

Since 2008, M&M Stores have distributed 6,00,000 saplings for free amongst its customers to save Earth.