Manyavar to improve EBO presence

Aims to launch woman specific brand

Leading ethnic brand Manyavar from Vedant Fashion is aiming to establish a strong EBO network, and also engaged in launching e-commerce portal. The company is also aiming to launch a woman specific brand ‘Manya’ by next year. The upcoming women line will comprise ghagras, sari, salwar suits. Speaking further, Ravi Modi, MD, Vedant Fashion, makers of the brand Manyavar, “We prefer high streets to malls as this ensures profitability. We aim to have 600 EBOs by 2016, covering one million square feet. We have two store formats: the first is around 800 to 1,200 square foot and second is our flagship format spread over 3,000 square foot. We have 30 flagship stores across India. Flagships are one-stop destinations so these will have a wider product range.”  So far company has 270 EBOs, and has more than 20 franchise partners which are operating 5 stores each.  Added further Modi said, . “We will open pure franchise models in Tier II, III and IV cities. MBOs can’t help you grow beyond a point. EBOs are a better bet,” The company is also looking to expand its production capacity as well.  In regard to same,  the company plans to build a three lakh sq ft warehouse by next year.