Pearl Uppal moving on

Was the co-founder and CEO at

Pearl Uppal, the co-founder and CEO of the entity, is moving on from her current operating role at Pearl Uppal had partnered with Harish Bahl, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Smile Group to launch the online retail venture in early 2010. 

After successfully leading for close to three years, Pearl is moving on from the position of Chief Executive Officer in order to expand and build the next phase of her professional and entrepreneurial journey. Post her transition from the operating role, in the capacity of co-founder & shareholder, she will continue to remain involved in building going forward.

Harish Bahl, CEO Smile Group said, “ has seen a huge growth in last two years and Pearl Uppal has played a critical role in building this brand.  We see this development as a part of growth phase for both - the company and Pearl. As will continue to focus on becoming India’s leading brand in online fashion and luxury e-commerce space, Pearl is looking to expand her professional horizons and will be exploring new challenges and opportunities in life as an entrepreneur. We, at Smile Group, wish her all the very best for her future endeavors.”

Pearl Uppal, Co-founder & CEO said, “My journey as the co-founder & CEO of has been very fulfilling and enriching. It has been very satisfying to start a company grounds up and build it into the leading online fashion retailer. As a co-founder, I will continue to remain strategically involved with the company post my transition from the CEO’s role.”