Persistent Systems launches solution in India

A cloud based BLM offering, PaxPro will cater to CPG, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Health & Beauty industries

Persistent Systems, a leader in outsourced software product development (OPD) services announced the launch of PaxPro in India, a comprehensive suite of Brand Lifecycle Management (BLM) solutions for CPG, Beverages, Pharmaceutical and Health & Beauty industries.


 PaxPro’s BLM suite is a cloud based offering, that incorporates industry best practices, to enable organizations bring products to the market faster - with higher quality and fewer deviations - than they could using only traditional ERP and PLM solutions. By providing a common platform for the various stakeholders (internal and external) to collaborate on and by automating compliance and regulatory requirements into the solution, PaxPro is able to shrink product introduction timelines and reduce rework associated with non-compliance, thereby giving product OEM’s an edge over their competition across the markets they participate in.   


 “We are delighted to launch PaxPro in the India market,” said Ram Pazhayannur, Vice President, Products & Solutions, Persistent Systems. “The Indian consumer market is growing exponentially and we see tremendous opportunities for a Cloud based BLM solution that PaxPro offers.  Channel partnerships are key to our success, and we are in the process of identifying the right set of partners for PaxPro.” 


 “Our vision is to make PaxPro a global brand”, say’s Ravi Viswanath, Business Head, PaxPro. “Several marquee companies in the US and Europe have been using PaxPro for a while now. We recently signed-up Aspen Holdings, South Africa’s leading pharmaceutical company for PaxPro. With the launch of PaxPro in India, we plan to expand our offerings further to the APAC and Middle East regions, two important markets for BLM solutions.”