She said im exited but nervous too

With Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and many more celebrities having their own labels and clothing line, so Anushka

From acting to producing films, actress Anushka Sharma has now turned designer and on Tuesday launched her new entrepreneurial venture, clothing line "Nush". She says it is daunting and she is excited but nervous too.

Anushka at the launch of her new venture said "It is a really special day for me. This is something I had been planning for the past one and a half years, and quite honestly as I stand here in front of everyone, I am excited but at the same time, I am extremely nervous. Because when you put yourself out there like that it can be a little daunting but I am really happy that I am doing it and I am really glad that I am doing it. Because I've always done something that I love, whether it was starting to make films with my production Clean Slate Films. And today, whether it is doing something that I love which is wearing good cloths, so I present my venture, something very special to me, it is a clothing line, Nush.”

About challenges of turning designer for a fashion brand, she said: "Challenges, you face in everything you do, but for me, this is something that helps me focus. When I am facing a challenge, I feel more focused, more driven, more involved and (it is) something I enjoy doing."