Teacher's in a Bold New Look

The premier Scotch Whisky brand adds to its aspirational dimension by its new contemporary look that would also bring it closer to the high standards set by it

The world’s premier Scotch whisky brand and the No 1 selling premium Scotch brand in India  Teacher’s will now be available in a new exclusive and contemporary look. What doesn’t change is the same uncompromising spirit. The new look forms part of a global refresh exercise to make Teacher’s contemporary and recruit new consumers into the brand franchise. This bold, confident new look adds a new aspirational touch to “The spirit of achievement” and is inspired from the Teacher’s adage that true achievement is not resting on your laurels but striving for the next high.


Mr. Harish Moolchandani, CEO & Managing Director, India and Indian Sub Continent, Beam Global Spirits & Wine said, “Teacher’s has grown to its pre-eminent position by staying true to its heritage and quality. And equally importantly, by embracing change and remaining relevant to successive generation of Scotch connoisseurs who appreciate a fine dram. The same uncompromising spirit, is now in a bold, confident, more premium look that refreshes our brand and brings us closer to the high standards set by William Teacher’s.”


 The new Teacher’s Highland Cream bottle now has broader more masculine shoulders, an enhanced bulbous neck adding to style, with William Teacher’s WT insignia proudly embossed adds to authority and reinforces quality. Both the bottle label & the packaging moves away from the traditional all beige look to a new black, white & burnished gold look which shows more liquid and looks elegant and contemporary – representing the new Teacher’s consumer.


 Teacher’s 50, the 12 year old blend from the house of Teacher’s retains its old all black & gold look but adapting to the new packaging style and bottle.