Dennison Launches Fashion Wear for Gen Z and Millennial Office Goers Women
Dennison Launches Fashion Wear for Gen Z and Millennial Office Goers Women

There is an axiom that ‘'the first impression is the last impression’'. By following this proverb Founder Ashwini Seth and Co-founder Sonalika Seth of Dennison come up with a thought for fashion-centric people who are dedicated followers of up-to-date fashion. Ashwini Seth and Sonalika Seth, are known as designers of Dennison too. 

They introduce a new and well-groomed collection for office-goers, college-goers, generation z (who were born between the late 1990s and early 2000s), and millennial office-goers (who were born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s). The collection is available exclusively on Myntra at a pocket-friendly cost. 

As per the requirement of fashion, Dennison has a collection for office, college goer women and men. For women, Dennison launched dresses and formal and casual shirts. In the men's collection, the brand generates sustainable azo-free dye block prints, bargu prints, and tie-n-dye prints in shirts and kurtas to look smart, notable in office, college though for millennial office goers and generation Z. 

Apart from millennial officegoers and generation Z, Ashwini Seth and Sonalika Seth set off elegant outfits for young work professionals and college goers., For generation z and millennial office goers, working from home or traveling or digital, nomads working in the creative industry or startup where the culture is more casual, the collection is made for those who want to represent themselves as creative.

Ashwini Seth and Sonalika Seth said, ‘’Grooming helps to grow the confidence level to some extent at your workplace and makes you remarkable. Our motivation to design for generation z and millennial office-goers is to look impressive. When you will get appreciated by others for your well-groomed clothes, a positive attitude will come into your mind. It helps to skip your fear from your mind when you are from generation z, millennial office goers, new and young office comers or college comers.’

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