Jaipur Watch Company Launches New Stores in Jaipur and Delhi
Jaipur Watch Company Launches New Stores in Jaipur and Delhi

Jaipur Watch Company, a brand known to reinvent luxury watches with the magic of traditional craftsmanship and antique additions launched its flagship store in Jaipur followed by one in Delhi.

Established in 2013, the brand started using pre-British era coins, and soon went on to introduce a cornucopia of exquisite designs like Pichwai art watches, 3D printed watches, customized watches, and more. Jaipur Watch Company is also known to incorporate remarkable craftsmanship techniques like Guilloche while creating its products. 

In the past 9 years, the brand has grown to become a pioneer in watch-making and one that embraces the history of the country at its best.

Keeping in mind the founder's deep passion for historic eras, tradition, and culture along with horology and numismatics, each store is carefully designed to transport you back into the era of growing civilizations and one where bespoke and regal handicraft exudes the finest sense of elegance. 

The Jaipur flagship store adorns the rich blue color and depicts the mystical beauty of royal forts. Illustrated with floral additions, the storehouses Jaipur Watch Company’s entire watch collection welcomes customers to try them while enjoying the spacious store. 

The brand’s second store in Delhi is designed by Gaurav and Megha Bhatnagar of Archeus Design Studio and is a surrealist depiction of the British era in India. Each of the luxury watches is pedestaled on wooden trucks replicating the early 19th Century theme. Additionally, the store design complements Jaipur Watch Company’s entire range of watches available excluding the gold watches. 

“The Jaipur Watch Company is a monumental brand that brings alive the beauty of time, traditions and cultures. While our world progresses in a way that is whitewashed by the contemporary world we live in today, our watches stand as a testimony of the glorious history that stays timeless. We believe in the magic of luxury that history holds and through our collection of watches, aim to give our customers a piece of that. Our stores in Jaipur and Delhi are designed to give people an experience of this vintage glamour and are supremely excited to welcome them,” said Gaurav Mehta, Founder, Jaipur Watch Company.  

With the launch of these two stores in India, the Jaipur Watch Company envisions being a powerhouse, a prolific inventor, and a manor house of unique timepieces. In essence, create watches that astonish the horological world and showcase a taste of India to the world in the finest manner. 

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