Kiehl's India Launches its Sustainable Store at Jio World Drive, Mumbai

The Jio World Store is Kiehl's first sustainable store in the country with sustainability integrated right at its core, a store-of-the-future concept with 'made better formulas.'
Kiehl’s India Launches its Sustainable Store at Jio World Drive, Mumbai

New York’s finest apothecary-based skincare brand, Kiehl’s, opened its doors at the newest destination for luxury shopping, Jio World Drive, Mumbai. 

The Jio World Store is Kiehl’s first sustainable store in the country with sustainability integrated right at its core, a store-of-the-future concept with 'made better formulas'. This store is Kiehl’s 15th free-standing store in the country it is safe to visit with all the precautions in place.

The new store infuses old-world apothecary aesthetic with modern elements that reflect both the surrounding community and are a nod to the company’s New York roots in the city’s East Village neighborhood. Historic elements guarantee an unforgettable store visit, including an iconic vintage Harley motorcycle and Kiehl’s famed ‘Mr. Bones’ skeleton. The store has all safety protocols in place and also offers free home delivery to customers. 

This is the first Kiehl’s store in India that is made with sustainable architecture. Kiehl’s 'future made better' program aims to curb the global environmental crisis on plastic and propagates sustainable beauty and environmentally-conscious practices. To ensure betterment in the community, Kiehl’s has taken several steps. 

Firstly, each product from Kiehl’s has one key ingredient that has been sourced sustainably, and the list of these ingredients keeps growing with time. Secondly, all of the natural ingredients are sourced directly from farmers and hence enable the communities to thrive. Thirdly, Kiehl's 'recycle and be rewarded program' means that the company and its consumers are very mindful of the environment and play a very active role in determining its future.

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In the Jio Mall Drive store, consumers can also experience the newly launched 'healthy skin assessment tool' from Kiehl’s, which is set to take the skincare experience to the next level. In a dynamic world filled with technological advancement, this tool has been selected by educational experts at Kiehl’s to provide an assessment of the two attributes of healthy skin; the strength of the skin barrier and the hydration of the skin epidermis. 

Additionally, adhering to Kiehl’s historic traditions, the new store continues Kiehl’s unique ‘try before you buy’ sampling initiative, initially conceptualized at the original flagship store. These initiatives have set Kiehl’s apart from its competitors in the marketplace and have long characterized the company in the eyes of its most loyal fans.

Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village neighborhood. Its unique, extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and advanced through the generations.

On the occasion of this launch, Shikhee Agarwal, AVP, Kiehl’s India said, “For over a decade now Kiehl's has had the honor of bringing the finest skincare products to the Indian audience. The store puts sustainability and consumer safety before all else and its elements indicate that – from packaging to decor and more. 

Another revolutionary step that we have taken to give our consumers a contactless experience is the brand-new 'healthy skin assessment tool'. A seamless, informative shopping experience and long-lasting results are what we strive for and we are ecstatic to take that forward with this magnificent new store."

The store launch is celebrated with a preview of Kiehl's Holiday Dreamland featuring its exclusive holiday collection. Ringing in their 170th holiday season, Kiehl's most popular skincare products are repackaged in whimsical, limited-edition designs by French artist Marylou Faure. Additionally, the brand is releasing Christmas sets in the same beautiful packaging to make the perfect gift for family and friends. 

These long-time customer favorites are specifically formulated to instantly solve the most common skincare concerns. The set includes the Calendula Herbal-Extract Alcohol-Free Toner, UltraFacial Cream, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Super Multi-Corrective Cream, and the beloved Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

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