3G phones make a splash
3G phones make a splash

3G phones,  popular for their multi tasking features, such as the capability to play videos, show live TV, play MP3 music, access email, display a live video conference with a friend, send and receive megapixel digital camera images and many more things have not just eased up a user's professional life but also redefined his entertainment quotient. 


Imagine a device that features bluetooth technology for wirelessly transfering heart, lung and other body sounds to software for further analysis. And what if with this, data can be transferred to a 3G phone which in turn can transmit to a doctor’s phone sitting miles away for diagnosis? 3g phones are all geared to make this and lot more possible in the near future.



Stats from the Wireless Intelligence report:


  • There will be 10 million (WCDMA & HSPA) 3G connections by the first half of 2011.
  • 100 million 3G connections by the first quarter of 2014.
  • By the end of 2014, there will be 150 million 3G connections.
  • State-owned BSNL and MTNL, which were the first carriers to launch, have managed to get a mere 1.5 million 3G connections.
  • BSNL & MTNL are expected to control about 25 percent of the market, the three largest non-state-owned carriers — Airtel, R-Com and Vodafone — 43 percent of the market.


Some innovations that are en route India..


Location tracking and emergency alert


How about a mobile phone that is equipped with location tracking and emergency alert features?

Closer on the heels of Mamorino –a mobile phone from Tokyo, for young children that has unique location tracking and emergency alert features, Indian markets may soon see an innovation driving in in the mobile sector.  It will be a boon to the mothers who work outside their homes for long hours as they would be able to track the child’s location at any time. And it also has an emergency alert system that will allow the child to inform the parent of his/her own location. Furthermore, the handset is equipped with an emergency alert that projects a loud alarm if the child pulls at it. Isn’t this a wonderful innovation?


Road maps


Navitime is a popular Navigational service in Tokyo that provides map and direction and also gives user details of the nearest parking lot with live information on availability of parking space, train and metro timings with suggestion on which coach will be good to get on for smooth exit at the  destined station.


A separate service for cyclists shows the slopes inclines and bumps on the road of the desired route. It may soon have a taker in MapmyIndia.




A unique wallet is ingrained in the phone that carries smart cards. One may buy burgers to movie tickets by using it like a credit card.


Vodaphone and Bharti Airtel are two service providers one may look up to for bringing convenience shopping to India.


Smart sport service


Keeps a count on one's calories by informing after each jog, how many kms one has covered and how many calories have they lost. One can also choose an exercise programme from the list that they will provide to the user.


Next gen auscultation device


Littmann has developed an auscultation device featuring bluetooth technology that wirelessly transfers heart, lung and other body sounds to software for further analysis. With this, data can be transferred to a 3G phone which in turn can transmit to a doctor’s phone sitting miles away for diagnosis.


IItian’s tracking


IItians write a unique code for bluetooth module to find lost articles like car keys, spectacles, documents  within a range of 10 metres. The item to be located is tagged with a bluetooth module each of which has  a unique code. The code will be embedded in bar code sticker or a chip like object which will be posted on items that one wants to tag. No wonder, this may seem a bit cumbersome but one must wait till technology upgrades this to a more sophisticated version like Mamorino that locates lost children.


Well, the above innovations are a precedent to more that the Indian market will witness in the future which will make lives easier. And to support these technological advancements, Androids platform that offer  1000 or more features comes just in time....


Below are models and prices of a few 3G mobiles to choose from as per one's pocket...






Sony Ericson




Galaxy 3


Tatoo Rs.12,999

Rs. 19,990


Xperia Mini
Rs. 15,000


S100 Liquid
Rs. 19,999


Rs. 9,990


GT540 Optimus

Rs. 12,999


Galaxy 5


Rs. 15,300

Rs. 26,538


Xperia Mini Pro


Rs. 14,500 



Rs. 14,500 


Galaxy S




Rs. 28,599 


Xperia Mini Pro



E110 beTouch

Rs. 9,999








Xperia X10
Rs. 28,000






Desire Rs.27,500








Conclusion: Kunal Ahooja, CEO Spice Mobile is optimistic that the Indian market is poised to see much more technological surprises in the near future. He thinks that Android is a wonderful platform that the decade has witnessed.


With tablets, televisions and the growing trend of lean-back sofa-based app engagements, these devices will redefine the amusement experience at the app level. Android is certainly the platform of this image of the future? So, if you don’t have one, get up and go to the market to get the latest 3G phone….



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