New zoom cameras from Axis
New zoom cameras from Axis

Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video, unveiled its new product line of world’s smallest, ceiling mount pan/tilt/zoom dome cameras. The company introduced the AXIS M50 PTZ Dome Network Camera Series, which offers business managers a highly discreet and affordable solution for remotely monitoring indoor areas, such as stores, banks, hotels, office lobbies, restaurants and warehouses, to more effectively manage one or more locations and improve security.


 AXIS M50 cameras have a sleek and compact design thus enabling discreet, high-quality 360° surveillance in HDTV. A built-in microphone also allows managers to use the audio detection function to monitor for unusual noises during off-hours to trigger a security alarm. Store owners sitting at a remote location will have the flexibility to pan, tilt and zoom the camera to gain a 360° view. It’s perfect for getting an overview of a store, for checking if shelves are stocked and items are properly promoted, and for getting customer behavior information needed to increase sales, improve service and retain shoppers. If the store layout changes, the camera’s view can be changed without having to relocate the camera. And as with any surveillance camera, AXIS M50 can also help in an event investigation, in reducing losses, and in securing the store


Available at: All leading Axis Retail stores

Price:  US$ 499 for AXIS M5013 and US$ 599 for AXIS M5014 (exclusive of taxes)






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